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Food Policy

  1. nefarious things
    What You Need to Know About the Massive Times Pesticide ReportIf you enjoy fruit or vegetables or living a long, healthy life, you’ll want to know more about this story.
  2. alt-milk
    The FDA Wants Almond- and Soy-Milk Companies to Stop Calling Themselves ‘Milk’It’s still a long shot, but prepare yourself for the possibility of “soy drink” and “oat juice” anyway.
  3. food insecurity
    20,000 New Yorkers Will Likely Lose Farmers’ Market Access Next Month“We found out last Tuesday.”
  4. bans
    San Francisco Schools Ban Students From Drinking Chocolate MilkThe city’s school district has found a new way to reduce students’ sugar intake.
  5. food policy
    Obama Just Gave a Big Speech on Food PolicyHis first international talk as a private citizen was on food sustainability.
  6. food policy
    Congress Acts to Create the ‘Golden King’ Crab America DeservesThe new spending bill gives Alaska’s brown king crab a more elite name.
  7. food policy
    Kind’s CEO Pledges $25 Million to Fight Industry’s ‘Influence on Public Health’He says it has “undue influence in shaping nutrition policy and ability to disseminate biased science.”
  8. food policy
    Angry Farmers Say Withdrawing From TPP Will Cost Them $4 Billion This YearTrump called the controversial trade deal a “disaster” that would “rape our country.”
  9. food policy
    5 Reasons Why Food Experts Are Worried About Trump’s New Agriculture SecretaryThey say Sonny Perdue is poised to roll back regulations, has Big Industry ties, and denies climate change.
  10. food policy
    Michelle Obama’s Health-Food Nonprofit to Continue After She Leaves White HouseThe First Lady’s Partnership for a Healthier America promises her legacy “is going to continue.”
  11. food policy
    Experts Keep Speculating About What Trump’s Victory Means for the Food IndustryThe president-elect is clearly pro–fast food.
  12. food waste
    New Jersey Has a Bold Plan to Turn Supermarket Food Waste Into EnergyA new proposal would convert it into biofuel to power homes, businesses, and schools statewide.
  13. health concerns
    England Orders Food Industry to Slash Added Sugars by 20 PercentIt’s the U.K.’s most serious effort yet to curb childhood obesity.
  14. food policy
    Big Food Scrambling to Yank Added Sugars From ProductsMajor nutrition-label changes are coming in 2018.
  15. food policy
    Renewed Demands for FDA to Improve Food-Recall ProcessChuck Schumer is the latest to blast delays as a “recipe for disaster.”
  16. Food Waste
    Congress Suggests Legitimate ‘Sell By’ Dates Might Curb Food WasteA new bill says a national labeling standard would keep safe food out of the trash.
  17. Food Policy
    The FDA Moves to Fix Its Broken Definition of ‘Healthy’ FoodRight now Pop-Tarts qualify, but salmon does not.
  18. Studies
    A New Study Comes Down Hard on the Actual Benefits of Urban FarmingA reality check to the yuppie dream.
  19. Food Policy
    Politico Launches Food-Policy CoverageThe shutdown and your pantry, explained.
  20. Pork
    Shuanghui International’s Smithfield Foods Merger Given Green LightPorktastic.
  21. Pork
    Prospective Buyers Offer More Money for Smithfield FoodsMaybe former spokesperson Paula Deen is a silent partner.
  22. Big Deals
    Chinese Meat Producer Buying Smithfield Foods Had a Maggot ProblemSomething is rotten here.
  23. Food Politics
    Stringer Pitches Food Strategy Plan for CityThe Manhattan borough president picks his issue, and eats it.