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Food Fraud

  1. food fraud
    Executive Behind Parmesan Wood-Pulp Fraud May Get Jail TimeBut only a max of six months — the rest of her punishment could be work at a soup kitchen.
  2. food fraud
    Feds Now Investigating If Hampton Creek’s Buyback Program Constitutes FraudThe Department of Justice is pursuing charges of mail and wire fraud.
  3. fake it till you make it
    Vegan-Mayo-Maker Accused of Buying Its Own Product to Increase SalesIs Just Mayo really as popular as customers, and investors, think?
  4. food politics
    Is There Any Way to Avoid Food Fraud?Deception is everywhere in the world’s food supply. One expert offers his advice on how to navigate things successfully.
  5. Lawsuits
    Lawsuit Accuses Walmart of Defrauding Shoppers With Fake ParmesanThe company’s “100% Grated Parmesan” allegedly contains as much as 10 percent wood pulp.
  6. Food Fraud
    Wood-Pulp Parmesan Is the Cheese America DeservesCellulose in food is nothing new.
  7. Food Fraud
    Food Companies Have Started Pulling Parmesans With Wood From StoresWell, that didn’t take long.
  8. Food Fights
    Syrup-Makers Outraged by All the Fake ‘Maple’ ProductsThey’re demanding the FDA stop Big Food from misusing the word.
  9. Food Fraud
    FDA Says ‘Parmesan’ Cheese Might Actually Be Cheddar or Wood PulpTests of several brands contained absolutely no Parmesan at all.
  10. Food Fraud
    New Report Accuses Restaurants of Passing Off Cheaper Fish As LobsterA report found that 35 percent of dishes include inferior seafood.
  11. Food Safety
    Chinese Authorities Reject and Destroy Ikea Cake and Nestlé ChocolateThe government raises its food quality standards.
  12. Food Fraud
    An Intergalactic Laser Is Being Used to Detect Fake HoneyThanks, European Space Agency.
  13. Dodgy
    Your Cheap Olive Oil May Be Filled With Fake CrapFood fraud is on the rise — beware!