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Food Critics

  1. book excerpt
    How Adam Platt Learned to Eat Like a Food CriticAn excerpt from his upcoming memoir The Book of Eating.
  2. platt vs. fat
    Can a Food Critic Diet Successfully?New York’s restaurant critic Adam Platt and his diet.
  3. The Other Critics
    Pulitzer Prize–Winning Food Critic Jonathan Gold Abandons“If chefs truly can cook better when they know a critic is in the house, then restaurants without an early warning system are at a permanent disadvantage.”
  4. Critical Mass
    Restaurant Critic With 20 Years of Experience Finally Revealed Her FaceCiting “realities of the Internet era,” the Patriot-News reviewer joins the “out” club.
  5. Lawsuits
    Restaurant Owners Win $600K for Food Critic’s Mean ReviewThey say they had to close after being deemed “a bleak spot on the culinary landscape.”
  6. The Other Critics
    Zachary Feldman Takes Over Long-Vacant Village Voice Restaurant-Critic“People want the Village Voice to succeed,” the paper’s editor says.
  7. The Other Critics
    Eater Names Ryan Sutton, Bill Addison, Robert Sietsema as Restaurant CriticsThe reviews will commence shortly.
  8. Critical Moves
    Watch New York Restaurant Critic Adam Platt Discuss Why He’s No“The thing about being a food critic, as compared to a book critic, or TV or film critic, it changes all the time.”
  9. Quote of the Day
    Anthony Bourdain Says Chefs Are Crazy for a Good ReasonHe also praises Alex Stupak’s next-level carrots, says he owes Jacques Pépin one, and much, much more.
  10. Stay Gold
    Jonathan Gold Is Getting His Own Documentary“You wouldn’t believe how fetching I look in a burqa,” the critic says.
  11. Critical Mass,
    ‘Trickle-Down Tartare’ Is a Thing Now, Says WSJBacon sundaes for all!
  12. The Other Critics
    Food Writer BingoHave fun at your local critic’s expense.
  13. Mediavore
    Costco Protects Sarah Palin; Teacher In Trouble for Hooter’s TripTomatoes hidden for Palin’s safety and a teacher takes an ill-advised field trip.
  14. Gold Watch
    New Yorker Gets to Know Jonathan GoldJonathan Gold spills the beans on his methods and nicknames.
  15. Rants
    Has L.A. Dining Gone Soft on Critical Thought?Has L.A.’s critical landscape become a desert?
  16. Plattitudes
    Go Ahead, Ask Adam Platt Anything!We’re launching a new column, ‘Plattitudes,’ and we need your questions.
  17. Food Journalism
    Food Critics Under Attack!Readers unleashed on Frank Bruni, and an Albany critic is beaten outside a restaurant.