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Food Crimes

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    Woman Pioneers Innovative New Dine-and-Dash StrategyWant to skip out on a check? Bring religion into it.
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    Thieves Stole €500,000 Worth of Wine From an Acclaimed Parisian RestaurantMore than 150 bottles of vintage wine from Michelin-starred restaurant Maison Rostang were taken in a highly targeted heist.
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    Canned Tuna Is the Latest Thing to Be Killed by MillennialsApparently it’s “too smelly” and “bad for the environment.”
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    Alleged Lobster Embezzlement Is Most New England Crime EverA Maine man is accused of stealing over $1 million worth of seafood.
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    A Starbucks Bandit Keeps Targeting the Same Location in ChelseaCan anyone stop him?
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    Hawaiian Grocery Stores Reportedly Overrun With Spam BanditsStores have started putting the mystery meat into locked cases.
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    For Unclear Reasons, Someone Is Selling Fireball-Flavored BagelsIt has a Fireball glaze, for twice the Fireball!
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    Pity the Poor Baker Who Made That Terrible Trump Cake“He’s definitely not paying for this.”
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    Indonesian Woman Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Poisoning Friend’s CoffeeShe was sentenced to 20 years in prison for lacing her friend’s drink with cyanide.
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    Man Named Bud Weisser Found Trespassing at Budweiser BreweryNo one knows how he got inside.