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Food Art

  1. the grub street diet
    Chloe Wise Keeps Her Butter Warm and Close“I take bread and just do dippers while I’m having coffee.”
  2. dad food
    Get Your Dad an Illustration of His Favorite New York RestaurantYou can’t go out to eat, so bring it back home.
  3. food art
    Someone Ate the $120,000 Duct-Taped BananaArguably, the dumbest display at this year’s Art Basel met an equally dumb end.
  4. food art
    Meet the Illustrator Who Turns Noodle Soup Into ArtIn her first cookbook, Michele Humes takes a build-your-own-adventure approach to her favorite meal in a bowl.
  5. pop art
    LaCroix Paintings Inspired by Warhol Are America’s Most Important New Art“It’s the soup cans for millennials.”
  6. hammed up
    American Democracy Is Crumbling, But Tapas’ Trump Cover Is Still BrilliantSo much baloney.
  7. food art
    This Is Some Ridiculously Lit Latte ArtHow about a macchiato topped with a full-color Starry Night?
  8. Instagram’s Latest Food Trend Is Fishy and MesmerizingVIDEO: Of course, this has nothing to do with the actual flavor …
  9. Watch This Pastry Chef Create Towering, Whimsical CakesSo much dripping chocolate.
  10. food art
    These Fruit Carvings Will Make You Feel Terrible About Your Knife SkillsJapanese mukimono master Gaku eats his art once he’s done, too.
  11. video feed
    This Video Turns Melting Ice Cream Into Amazing Time-Lapse ArtGet ready to cry a little.
  12. These Detailed Sculptures Are Made Out of FruitHey, it’s much cheaper than traditional art supplies.
  13. Video Feed
    Some Genius Made an Actual Levitating CakeYoda is involved.
  14. Video Feed
    This Millennium Falcon Cake Is Very ImpressiveThe fondant is strong with this one.
  15. Food Art
    Check Out These Coffee Stains That Are Turned Into Lovely ArtCarefully controlled “accidents.”
  16. Food Art
    Food Cut Into Perfectly Tiny Cubes Is the Hottest Thing on the Internet RightPeople are totally obsessed with this photograph.
  17. Food Art
    The Internet Has Fallen in Love With This Very Well-Organized Food InstagramFood porn meets OCD, in the best possible way.
  18. Playing With Your Food
    World’s Best Robot Makes Pancakes in Literally Any Shape You WantThe PancakeBot should start shipping in July.
  19. Food Art
    Meet the Woman Who Illustrates Restaurant Meals Instead of Instagramming ThemHer magnum opus documents a meal at Eleven Madison Park.
  20. Video Feed
    Watch This Guy Make Frank Sinatra As a PancakeHis Michael Jackson flapjack is even better.
  21. Food Art
    Meet the Creative Genius Who Turns Starbucks Cups Into ArtHis masterworks morph the Siren into Colonel Sanders, a Lego minifigurine, and PSY.
  22. Food Art
    This? Just an Excellent Walter White Portrait Made With Ketchup“Heinz-enberg.”
  23. Food Art
    This One Insanely Colorful Tree Grows 40 Different FruitsYour one-stop shop for plums, cherries, almonds, and peaches.
  24. Food Art
    These Simpsons-Themed Wine Bottles Are Pretty SpecialHomer and Marge for oenophiles.
  25. Foodievents
    Free Candy at Oscar Murillo’s New David Zwirner Gallery ExhibitSugar is art.
  26. Interviews
    Photographer Makes Amazing Desserts Inspired by Famous Artists“You don’t necessarily get to be super creative when shooting a recipe, but I want to see how far I can push this.”
  27. Foodievents
    The New York Slice Gets the Downtown Gallery Treatment“Pizza Time!” is Marlborough Broome Street’s inaugural exhibit.
  28. Video Feed
    Watch an Artist Use Milk to Paint Bruce LeeThe masterpiece is titled “Bruce Lait.”
  29. Interviews
    Photographer Christopher Boffoli Uses Art to Underscore America’sHis second solo exhibition in New York opens tomorrow.
  30. Cheese Please
    Check Out This Awesome Cheese ChartAnd it’s only $22!
  31. Food Art
    This 25-Foot Glow-in-the-Dark Cake Will Be at GoogaMoogaCan you handle the greatness of this festival?
  32. Food Art
    Check Out This Cool Moto Meal… Made of ClayMoto meal gets a clay doppleganger.
  33. Food Art
    ‘Feed Me a Story’ at Ellis IslandDoughnut for your thoughts?
  34. Deli
    Highbrow Journalism: Bologna FaceBolognafield.
  35. Neon
    Bright Lights, Big CityMore food-related art!