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  1. the more best part of waking up
    Even Folgers Coffee Is Fancy NowThe grocery-store stalwart is rolling out a new brand to compete with the Blue Bottles and Stumptowns of the world.
  2. climate change
    Bad Weather Now Set on Ruining Even Cheap CoffeeProblems with rain in Brazil and Vietnam are raising the price of robusta beans used in instant coffee.
  3. Hmm
    Folgers Coffee Is Getting Even More PopularIts new “on-trend products” are selling better than anyone expected.
  4. Video Feed
    KISS Front Man Paul Stanley’s Never-Aired Coffee Commercial Is Awesomely“Who is the old, creepy guy?” asked focus groups.
  5. Medium Roast
    Blue-Collar Coffee Brand Folgers Outsells StarbucksIt’s also the coffee of choice for indie bands who like to sing about it in open fields.