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  1. field notes
    Foie Gras May Be Cruel. It’s Definitely Irrelevant.A restaurant critic on the waning days of a luxury ingredient.
  2. food fight
    New York Foie Gras Producers React to Ban: ‘The Law Is So Completely Screwed Up’“It won’t ever be enforced.”
  3. bans
    New York City Council Votes to Ban Foie GrasIt won’t go into effect until 2022.
  4. renegade ingredeints
    Why Do Foods Get Banned?How seemingly random, extremely complicated rules prevent you from eating the food you want.
  5. the dish
    Foie Gras Gets a Redesign at The PoolIt’s shaved into dozens of razor-thin petals and served on a glass cube meant to be passed around the table, the foie spread onto orange “chips.”
  6. lawsuits
    Chefs Aren’t Happy Federal Judges Upheld California’s Foie Gras Ban“Don’t we have anything better to do than attack foie gras?”
  7. Meltdowns
    A Chef Resigned After Telling a Foie Gras Critic He’d Turn Her Into StockNot good.
  8. Foie Gras
    L.A. Food Truck Honors California Foie Gras Ruling With $10 Foie SlidersAre you surprised it took this long?
  9. Foiemageddon
    California’s Attorney General Will Try to Re-Ban Foie GrasThe state confirms the battle is moving to the 9th Circuit.
  10. Divisive Dishes
    Fat, Chants: A Humane Evening of Protesting Foie Gras in L.A.Checking in with animal-rights advocates outside one of Santa Monica’s most lauded restaurants.
  11. Foiemageddon
    L.A. Chef Ari Taymor: Why the Foie Gras Ban Was an ‘Absolute Sham’“We didn’t start serving foie until the ban.”
  12. Foiemageddon
    Foie Gras Is Once Again Legal in CaliforniaA group representing producers and a restaurant prompted the new ruling.
  13. Foiemaggedon
    Heston Blumenthal Drops His Foie Gras Supplier After Seeing Alleged MistreatmentThe video posted online did not fit the definition of “a well-run family duck farm.”
  14. Let Them Eat Foie
    13 States Push Supreme Court to Reconsider Foie Gras BanPro-foie gras forces say California’s ban leaves room for constitutional debate.
  15. Crisps
    Filet-Mignon- and Foie-Gras-Flavored Potato Chips Prove There’s a Limit toSome things are just beyond the boundaries of common sense.
  16. Foiemaggedon
    French Foie Gras Spokesperson: ‘Maybe We Did Go a Little Too Far’“Of course gavage is not very romantic and so we avoided talking about it. But now we are trying to explain it more and more.”
  17. Foiemaggedon
    Animal Rights Group Persuades Joël Robuchon to Drop Controversial Foie GrasThe chef’s announcement comes a week after Gordon Ramsay said he’d suspend business with the France-based Soulard company.
  18. Foiemageddon
    Ramsay, Ducasse, More Top Chefs Called to Abandon Foie Gras After Cruelty“Ducks lie dead and dying, and many have painful eye injuries and abscesses.”
  19. Gavage
    French Government Unhappy With Amazon U.K.’s Ban on Foie GrasBecause animal cruelty is “very un-British.”
  20. Let Them Eat Foie
    Federal Appeals Court Upholds California’s Foie Gras BanThe three-judge panel said the ban on the sale of fatty livers is entirely constitutional.
  21. Foiemageddon
    Annoying California Chef Gets Death Threats From Foie Gras Protesters“I just thought it would be fun.”
  22. Video Feed
    Perennial Plate Looks at Pateria de Sousa’s Unconventional FoieThese foie gras producers take a different approach.
  23. Foiemageddon
    Morrissey Shames Kate Middleton for Enjoying Foie GrasHe sort of fat-shames her, too.
  24. Foiemageddon
    Activists Hack Hudson Valley Foie Gras Site, Publish Customer NamesAnimal-rights activists have your number, literally.
  25. Menus
    Foie Gras and Bacon: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together at AmadaThe foie and bacon combo is just one several decadent dishes that will highlight Amada’s pig happy hour.
  26. Menus
    Restaurant Weak: More Than Half of the Dining Out Promotion’s ParticipantsSurprisingly, not that many restaurants have pork belly on for Restaurant Week.
  27. Let Them Eat Foie
    PETA Protesting Hot’s Kitchen TodayMembers will bear signs and hand out flyers to object to the restaurant offering free foie gras.
  28. Let Them Eat Foie
    Preliminary Injunction On Foie Gras Ban FoiledA lawsuit filed by pro-foie forces will still have it days in court.
  29. Neighborhood Watch
    New Chef at Jake’s on Market; Sift Cupcakes Opens on Wednesday; and More
  30. Foodievents
    Txoko Launches Free Foie Gras Wednesdays This WeekNorth Beach’s Txoko launches its Free Foie Gras Wednesdays event this week.
  31. Let Them Eat Foie
    Where to Find Foie Gras in Southern CaliforniaUsing loopholes and clever dodging, the forbidden delicacy is still to be found in the Southland.
  32. Let Them Eat Foie
    Foie Gras Spotted in The South BayA running guide to locating the illicit delicacy in The City of Angels.
  33. Feeders
    Foie Gras Lawsuit Will Go to TrialIt’s all about how much gavage is too much gavage.
  34. Quote of the Day
    Does This Mean We Need to Find a New Dealer?Campanile chef Mark Peel thinks so.
  35. Let The Eat Foie
    Foie Ban Starts Sunday; Foie Will Still Be Easy to Find on MondayCalifornia cops admit they’re not really planning a major crackdown on the stuff, as long as chefs tap every loophole they can find.
  36. Let The Eat Foie
    Beer Belly Presents ‘Gone, But Not Foiegotten,’ June 30 in KTownChef Wes Leiberher might be the Shakespeare of questionable foie gras wordplay.
  37. Let Them Eat Foie
    Three More Foie-Focused Dinners On the Way From Beer Belly, Cafe del Rey, andBeer Belly’s bash is planned for California’s final night of legal foie.
  38. Opinionated
    ‘It’s Total F-cking Bullsh-t,’ and Other Foie Gras FeelingsWhen it comes to the ban, chefs haven’t simmered.
  39. Slideshows
    Controversial Cuisine: Boston’s 12 Dreamiest, Most Succulent Foie Gras DishesIn honor of California’s forthcoming foie ban, we showcase our favorite hometown foie gras feasts.
  40. Slideshow
    Foie and Freedom: Philly’s 17 Best Foie Gras DishesCheck out these photos and try not to drool too much.
  41. Slideshow
    Foie Farewell: 24 Foie Gras Dishes You Must Try Before the BanThe statewide ban comes in an era when L.A. chefs are getting ever more playful with the delicacy’s versatility.
  42. Slideshow
    Hey California, See the Best Foie Gras in ChicagoAs California readies its foie gras ban, take a tour of foie dishes in the city that went through a similar period of prohibition.
  43. Slideshow
    Controversial Cuisine: 28 Fantastic Foie Gras Dishes in New YorkAs a ban in California looms, we look at some of the city’s most excessively glorious foie gras dishes.
  44. Let Them Eat Foie
    T.G.I.F.F.: Thank God It’s Foie FridayLocal chefs stand up for their West Coast culinary counterparts.
  45. Coming Soon
    Shake Shack Sets a DateSee you in line.
  46. Menus
    In Solidarity With California Chefs, Matyson Serves a Foie Gras Tasting MenuChef Puchowitz’s tasting menu this week focuses on foie gras.
  47. Blehtacular
    Matt Levin Debuts His Foie Gras ‘Double Down’ at Square Peg TonightIt sandwiches sauteed foie gras between two fried chicken cutlets.
  48. Slideshows
    D’Artagnan and David Féau Unite on Foie Front at The RoyceWhile Ariane Daguin stirred up a counterinsurgency to the forthcoming ban, David Feau silently shared his passion for the product.
  49. Foodies With Benefits
    Haven Gastropub Welcomes Five Guest-Chefs to ‘Fight For Foie’ ThisAlex Reznik will make a foie soup with chicken skin, while Greg Daniels plans blood biscuits and duck bacon.
  50. Foodievents
    D’Artagnan Dinner Promises Foie and Game Meats at The RoyceCompany founder Ariane Daguin, aka “Ms. Foie Gras,” will help chef David Feau celebrate the terroir and cuisine of Southwest France.
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