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Foie Gras Ban.

  1. Foiemageddon
    The Chef Who Fought California’s Foie Gras Ban Has Gotten Death ThreatsThe FBI is investigating.
  2. Let Them Eat Foie
    13 States Push Supreme Court to Reconsider Foie Gras BanPro-foie gras forces say California’s ban leaves room for constitutional debate.
  3. Gavage
    French Government Unhappy With Amazon U.K.’s Ban on Foie GrasBecause animal cruelty is “very un-British.”
  4. Let Them Eat Foie
    Federal Appeals Court Upholds California’s Foie Gras BanThe three-judge panel said the ban on the sale of fatty livers is entirely constitutional.
  5. Foiemageddon
    Annoying California Chef Gets Death Threats From Foie Gras Protesters“I just thought it would be fun.”
  6. Foiemageddon
    Activists Hack Hudson Valley Foie Gras Site, Publish Customer NamesAnimal-rights activists have your number, literally.
  7. Feeders
    Foie Gras Lawsuit Will Go to TrialIt’s all about how much gavage is too much gavage.
  8. Let Them Eat Foie
    State Senate Won’t Waste Its Important Time Discussing Foie GrasMaybe 100 foie gras-loving chefs can be wrong.