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Flavor Flav

  1. Sin City
    The Clock Stops At Flavor Flav’s House of FlavorCall us nuts, but we actually wanted to visit.
  2. Mile High
    Flavor Flav Hijacks Plane P.A. to Plug Fried Chicken Joint“Fried chicken over waffles … yeeeeah, G.”
  3. Flav’s Fried Chicken
    Flavor Flav Taking Fried Chicken Empire Aspirations to Vegas This WeekThe concept has been rebranded as House of Flavor and is coming way off The Strip.
  4. Empire Building
    Countdown to Flav’s Fried ChickenIs it coming to NYC?
  5. Mediavore
    Flavor Flav Sued Over Fried Chicken; Compartes Chocolatier Partners With FaithSo far, chocolate maker Jonathan Graham has donated over 5,000 boxes of chocolate nuts to the island nation’s shelters.
  6. Mediavore
    Brains Are Better than Brawn in the Bouncer Game; Flavor Flav Sued Over FriedPlus: Hilary Clinton urges action of rising food costs; and Vietnamese food is the next big thing in London, all in our morning news roundup.
  7. Video Feed
    From Cold Lampin’ to Fried Chicken: Flavor Flav Starts a Fast Food ChainFinally, we can take a bite of something and rightfully sing, “It’s the flavor’, it’s the flavor!”