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  1. Awful Things
    13 Major Takeaways From the Times’ Big Story on Fishing SlaveryConditions are apparently getting worse for workers and the Thai government is doing little to curb the abuse.
  2. Sustainability
    Chefs Are Banding Together to Take Striped Bass Off MenusThere’s a scarcity of the fish right now.
  3. Bad Ideas
    New York’s Most Reckless Locavores Are Apparently Fishing in the East“I don’t eat farmed fish.”
  4. Fin
    What It’s Like Fishing in Post-Sandy New York City WatersThey’ve got some stories to tell, too.
  5. Fish Stories
    Fish From City Rivers and Streams Are Almost, Kind of Safe to EatLocal anglers dismiss warnings as fish stories.
  6. Crime Scenes
    Fishing Out of Season Can Land Your Bass in JailA recent outing on the high seas put more than three dozen anglers in hot water.
  7. Personalities
    Nice to See He’s Hooked on Something NewKeith Richards goes fishin’.
  8. Mediavore
    Baymen Brave Chilly Temperatures and Choppy Waters to Harvest Oysters Off thePlus Snyder’s of Hanover and the makers of Lance peanut-butter and cheese crackers are likely to merge; and Dunkin’ Donuts conducts a study to learn which part of gingerbread cookies people eat first, all in out morning news roundup.
  9. Mediavore
    Governor Advocates Raised Fishing Limits; Anonymous Heimlich Heroine Saves SalemPlus Wolfgang Puck shows up to his restaurant’s opening in Tulsa, and KFC temporarily converts two stores into “hunger relief stations,” all in our morning news roundup.
  10. Mediavore
    Mid-Atlantic Lobstering Ban Gets Rejected; Apple Farmers Hunt For New BreedsPlus artisanal ice cream makers struggle to justify high prices, and cloned meat was sold in the U.K., all in our morning news roundup.
  11. Menus
    Oyster House Staff Brings Home the BluefishSam Mink took his staff fishing and they returned with tonight’s specials.
  12. Fishing
    Clam Boat Catches Chemical WeaponOfficials say there’s no way of knowing how many weapons are in the sea.
  13. Mediavore
    Gordon Ramsay Relives Kitchen Nightmare in Lancaster; Zabumba-Owner’s HusbandA television pizza chef returns and a suspect in a restaurant owner’s death leaves Mexico against authorities’ advice.
  14. Mediavore
    What Floyd Mayweather Always Eats; ‘Haute Stoner’ Cuisine EmergesWherever the boxer goes, so does his steak sauce, while chefs bring new meanings to “high-minded” dining.
  15. Mediavore
    Mike Tyson Goes Vegan; Paris Hilton Gives Up In-N-OutA famous ear-biter goes meatless, while a famous socialite ditches fast-food.
  16. The Great Outdoors
    There’s This Tented, Waterfront Biker Bar That’s Pretty GreatIt’s in Queens!
  17. Mediavore
    Jamie Oliver’s Food Fails with Kids; Comme Ca Opening in VegasWhen the Naked Chef cooked for a West Virginia school, kids stopped buying food, while David Myers sets his sights on Sin City.
  18. Mediavore
    Saltwater Fishing Licenses Required; Locavores Learn to HuntPlus: food stamp concerns, and a split for Cadbury, all in our morning news roundup.
  19. Mediavore
    Hung to Cook in Midtown Kitchen; Chirico Pleads Not Guilty to ExtortionTop Chef winner Hung Huynh will begin a one-month stint at kosher restaurant Solo on March 2; Justin Smillie, formerly of Barbuto, has replaced Akhtar Nawab at the E.U. [NYT] Related: Akhtar Nawab to *NOT* Leave E.U., Will Open New Restaurant If you’re clamoring for a Valentine’s Day tablecloth dinner at White Castle, you still might be able to get one. [Eater] Master Purveyors will live on: The fire destroyed the offices, but the meat is still safe and sound in the warehouse. [Crain’s NY] Related: Venerable Meat Purveyor Struck By Fire
  20. What to Eat This Week
    Catch Your Dinner at City IslandSo what’s the best way to blow these precious last days of short-sleeved weather? Those with cars should grab a windbreaker and jet up — like, now! — to City Island. After you’ve indulged in the obligatory fried lobster tails, frog legs, and mai tais on the waterfront deck of the inimitable Johnny’s Famous Reef Restaurant, board the Riptide III, leaving at 6:30 p.m., for seafood straight out of the water rather than out of the deep fryer.