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Finnegan’s Wake

  1. Politics
    Nutter Puts the Smackdown on Finnegan’s Wake’s BalconiesThe mayor won’t get on board with plans to turn a public right-of-way to private use with so much opposition form the neighborhood.
  2. Beef
    Battle Over Bodine Street Spreads to Balconies On Spring GardenSince the bar got its way with taking over the underused street, it will most likely get its balconies too.
  3. Beef
    Finnegan’s Wake’s Bid for Bodine Street Is DeadDue to lack of community support the proposed plan was never brought before City Council for vote.
  4. Beef
    City Councilman Frank DiCicco Wants to Give Bodine Street to Cronies atWhile one stretch of city owned property might go to a private business, another is being pulled out form under a park and garden’s caretakers.