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  1. Critical Violations
    New Grading Rules Reduce Restaurant FinesA step in the right direction.
  2. Critical Violations
    City Council Approves Changes to Restaurant-Inspection SystemReduced fines, optional dry-run inspections, the creation of an ombuds office, and more.
  3. Barbaric Yelp
    State Fines Companies $350,000 for Fake Yelp ReviewsTime to take out the trash.
  4. Critical Violations
    Health Department Will Lower Some Restaurant Inspection FinesSpeaker Quinn has succeeded in persuading the health department to change the way its inspectors dole out fines.
  5. Critical Violations
    City Council Introduces Legislation to Change Restaurant Inspection SystemSpeaker Quinn says the move is designed to benefit small businesses.
  6. Lawsuits
    Group of 40 Bronx Restaurant Owners Sue NYC Over Botched Restaurant InspectionsThe coalition seeks $150 million in damages.
  7. Critical Violations
    How the Post Messed Up on Its Report on Restaurant-Inspection FinesA restaurant bathroom that doesn’t have toilet paper is directly related to food safety.
  8. Fines
    Zaro Bakery Hit With $118K in Fines After Ceiling CollapseIt’s hard to make good bread crumbs when the bakery is crumbling.
  9. That’s Fine
    City Council Seeks Lower Fines for DOH-Inspected RestaurantsThe new rules are designed to help small business owners.
  10. Health Concerns
    Bloomberg Vows to Ease Fines, Cut Red TapeNow this is a step in the right direction …
  11. Financial Woes
    Paty’s Taco Truck Protests Fines With $1 Tacos TodayCivil disobedience never felt so good.
  12. Truckin’
    Foodies Aren’t Laughin‘ at Lappin’s Food-Truck BillA councilwoman wants to revoke the permits of food trucks that get traffic tickets. Not so fast.
  13. Red Tape
    City Helps Restaurant Owners Spend Less Time in LineThe Department of Health joins Bloomberg and the SLA in eliminating red tape.
  14. User’s Guide
    Why Do the Shadiest Bars Have the Cheesiest Names?How NOT to name your bar.