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Financial Woes

  1. Junk Food
    Ding Dong: Hostess Going BrokeBecause it’s the hostess without the most-est.
  2. Financial Woes
    Frozen Wages: Dippin’ Dots Files for BankruptcyThe ice cream of the future might not be around much longer.
  3. Big Dig
    Will Joe Tecce’s Make a Comeback?A condo complex might put the red-sauce joint in the black.
  4. The Chain Gang
    Sounds Like Quiznos Might Soon Be ToastThe toasted-sandwich shop ain’t looking so hot these days.
  5. Financial Woes
    Luca Is SeizedFor nonpayment of taxes.
  6. Financial Woes
    Sbarro Prepares for Chapter 11And everyone is suddenly growing nostalgic for the food-court pizza.
  7. Financial Woes
    That’s Snow Excuse!In the case of a negative Yelp review and the case of a bankruptcy filing, snow was to blame.
  8. Financial Woes
    The River Café’s Rent Is, Like, Cheaper Than Yours$6,177 per month!?
  9. Financial Woes
    City Audit May Spoil Everyone’s View of the Water ClubThe waterfront spot rakes in about $6 million a year. Or is it more?
  10. Financial Woes
    Paty’s Taco Truck Protests Fines With $1 Tacos TodayCivil disobedience never felt so good.
  11. Financial Woes
    Eva Longoria’s Vegas Restaurant Files for BankruptcyBeso might be going bust.
  12. Financial Woes
    Michael Jordan’s the Steakhouse Owners File for Bankruptcy; Mike TysonOne of the city’s biggest restaurant groups is in trouble.
  13. Financial Woes
    The Trouble With Organic RestaurantsAmanda Cohen on the pitfalls of operating a vegan restaurant.
  14. Financial Woes
    Bank Can’t Tap Cipriani’s BootyThe latest in the case of Capital One v. Cipriani.
  15. El Gordo
    Gordo Lost $12 Million in 2009, But Hell’s Kitchen Is Still OnWhile more news surfaces about Gordon Ramsay’s financial woes, the cast of the eighth season of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ is announced.
  16. Financial Woes
    Cipriani May Have to Sell More Than Just $20 Bellinis to Pay Off DebtThe empire may have to auction off its assets in order to pay the bank.
  17. Financial Woes
    Landlord Claims It’s Owed $370,666 by the Late, Tortured MottHow did a restaurant that was open for just a few months come to owe this much?
  18. Financial Woes
    Gordon Ramsay in Tax TroublePlus, his Cape Town restaurant closes.
  19. Financial Woes
    Harlem Jobs Generator, Gospel Uptown, Files for BankruptcyOnce a beacon of hope, Gospel Uptown is now in trouble.
  20. Financial Woes
    City Keeps Stripping Gents’ Clubs of PrivilegesNobody said pimpin’ was easy.
  21. Financial Woes
    H&H Honcho Gets Jail TimeHe withheld over $337,000 from employee paychecks.
  22. Financial Woes
    West Branch’s Uncertain FutureJeffrey Chodorow may want the space if Tom Valenti can’t renegotiate his lease.
  23. Financial Woes
    Collective Hardware MalfunctionsWhat will become of Andy Yang’s Bowery location of Rhong-Tiam?
  24. Financial Woes
    Ollie’s Noodle Shop Joins the Bankruptcy BunchBut is it the Chinese chain that served Tina Fey a bandage salad?
  25. Financial Woes
    Restaurateurs Are Steamed About Tax CrackdownsThe state is getting far more bullish about auditing cash businesses.
  26. Financial Woes
    Susur Lee: New Yorkers Just ‘Don’t Understand’The Toronto chef thinks we’re not as adventurous as everyone thinks.
  27. Financial Woes
    Danny Meyer Looks Beyond Shake Shack Nolita to Central ParkHe’ll focus on the Upper East Side and Central Park.
  28. Financial Woes
    China Club, Cheetah’s Go BustThe China Club may not see its 25th year.
  29. Financial Woes
    The End for Bankrupt Lucy Browne’s? (and the Beginning for Caffe’The latest from Seventh Avenue South.
  30. Financial Woes
    Celebrity Chef Cribs: Boulud Selling Condo? Bouley Facing Foreclosure?David Bouley is said to be facing foreclosure.
  31. Closings
    Miracle Grill Went Out Owing $380,000Dissecting the departed restaurant’s corpse.
  32. Financial Woes
    Trouble Uptown: Costco Cuts Jobs, Melba Toast Factory ClosesAnother blow to the Bronx on the heels of the Stella D’Oro closing.
  33. Financial Woes
    Restaurant Sales Will Improve in 2010, But Not by MuchJust how much will the restaurant industry rake in this year?
  34. Closings
    Thai on Two Is Going Once, Going TwiceThe latest restaurant auction.
  35. Financial Woes
    The Tavern on the Green Auction: By the NumbersHow much did Tavern on the Green’s yard sale fetch last week?
  36. Financial Woes
    Can $1 Cappuccinos Save Ray’s Candy Store?Business is not so good at the East Village time warp.
  37. Financial Woes
    Frankie and Johnnie’s F & J Pine Owner Pleads Guilty toA three-year investigation has ended in a conviction.
  38. Financial Woes
    Olana Files for Chapter 11 BankruptcyIs the midtowner too pricey and too stuffy?
  39. Financial Woes
    Hotel Confirms Split With Gordon Ramsay, Now Being Sued by Dairy FarmThe latest in Gordon Ramsay’s world.
  40. Foodievents
    Tavern on the Green Will Not Go Quietly on New Year’sDetails of the troubled restaurant’s last bash have been released.
  41. Financial Woes
    Hamptons Pioneer, the Laundry, Files for BankruptcyOne of the East End’s most famous restaurants owes the bank and the IRS.
  42. Financial Woes
    No, Really: It’s the Perfect Time to Open a RestaurantRegina Schrambling tells why.
  43. Lawsuits
    Owner Squabbles May Sink Famous Original Ray’sPlus, is Infamous Original Ray’s a more appropriate moniker?
  44. Financial Woes
    Stockholders Lose Faith in Casual Dining and Fast-Food JointsEven though they’re performing better than expected.
  45. Financial Woes
    Recession Cuts Into Cheese BusinessRevenue is down at Artisanal Cheese Center.
  46. Financial Woes
    Sara Jenkins’s Taxing OrdealShe has NY1 on her side!
  47. Financial Woes
    Tavern on the Green Files for Chapter 11The Central Park institution owes around $2 million.
  48. Financial Woes
    Fine-Dining Temple Cru Is Threatened With EvictionOwing to nonpayment of rent.
  49. Financial Woes
    Gordon Ramsay Almost Turns a Profit in New YorkThings are looking good (or better, at least) for the restaurant industry.
  50. Financial Woes
    Allen & Delancey Owner on Bankruptcy Filing: ‘We Aren’t inRichard Friedberg says fall is looking good for the restaurant business.
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