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Filet O Fish

  1. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Pulls Ad Saying If Your Dad Dies, You Just Need a Filet-O-FishBereavement groups called the ad “offensive.”
  2. The Chain Gang
    Trump Claims He Gets McDonald’s ‘Fish Delight’That doesn’t exist — at least not for plebians.
  3. Cheap Eats
    How Chefs Are Building a Better Filet-o-FishThe gourmetification of a fast-food classic.
  4. What to Eat
    Which Fried-Fish Sandwich Is the Most Crunk?A street-cart visit, and some trivia about the Filet-O-Fish.
  5. The Underground Gourmet
    Filet-O-Fish Sandwich Now Twice as DeliciousThere are many delicious things with which you could embellish a McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich — if your goal was to make it even more calamitous to the waistlines of the general Filet-O-Fish-loving public than it already is. A Scotch egg, a pound of bacon, or a deep-fried Snickers bar all spring to mind. But if you really wanted to go all out, if you really wanted to vex the fast-food police, what you might do is simply plop an additional Filet-O-Fish on top of the first one.