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  1. Grub Guides
    5 Fresh-Fig Dishes to Eat Right NowAs fall approaches, Dominique Ansel Kitchen, the Dutch, and others roll out some interesting new creations.
  2. Grub Guides
    Fall Fruit: 16 Spots to Hit If You’re Looking for Fresh FigsWith foie gras, quail, ricotta, and, of course, honey.
  3. Mediavore
    Chick-Fil-A Gives $2 Million to Anti-Gay Groups; Jonathan Gold Loves South L.A.The chain’s donations to such causes appear to have increased over the years.
  4. Beef
    Chang’s Fig-Gate: Data Has the Final Word?After all that strife, our numbers show that New York actually serves more figs on more plates than San Francisco.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    The Ubiquitous Cast of WichitaTom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were everywhere this week.
  6. NewsFeed
    Todd English Predicts Peruvian Food Is the Next Big ThingDo we see a project in the works?