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Fig Gate

  1. Fig-Gate
    Middle Fingers Raised Toward Chang, S.F. Chefs Proudly Serve Figs on PlatesCall us defensive, but the fig flap won’t die, and S.F. chefs are still making ironic references to it on their menus.
  2. Bookshelf
    Kim Severson Stokes S.F. vs. NYC FireA food writer transplanted from NY to SF says that San Francisco needs to accept that we’re the “gorgeous younger sister” who everyone wants to be like.
  3. Menus
    Mission Street Food Riffs on Rice-a-Roni, ‘Fig on a Plate’Among the new takes on classic SF dishes is a possibly fictitious brick-oven roasted “chicken” with a “bread salad.”
  4. Beef
    Chang Vindicated for Fig Flap?An recent Chez Panisse menu features an actual bowl of figs.