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Fever For Lefevre

  1. TV Land
    Finally, Ludo Eats That Buffalo Heart Tonight!Be warned: the advanced footage gets kind of gory.
  2. Slideshow
    Zarate, Urasawa, Ludo, and Cimarusti Unite Over Nine Courses at ProvidenceThe four chefs came together to explore the common threads of skill with seafood and a passion for Japanese ingredients.
  3. Video Feed
    Ludo Acts Like Gordo in New LudoBites America TrailerThe series juxtaposes the French chef’s calm demeanor with a freakout directed at staff.
  4. Beef
    The New York Times Makes A Ludo-crous Judgment CallKrissy Lefebvre stands up for Chef Ludo, so we’ll take the case of the Brothers Voltaggio.
  5. Truckin'
    LudoTruck: No Longer For Private Eyes OnlyThe truck now makes rounds through L.A., with a healthier chicken sandwich.