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Femme Fatale (club)

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    All Systems Go on McNally and Double Happiness ProjectsConstruction is at full tilt.
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    Martignettis Close Bella’s, Make It MagesticSomething to do with the underage crowd?
  3. Mediavore
    Joe Chirico Allegedly Served As Mob Extortionist; Femme Fatale’s Clubhouse to BeBrooklyn Restaurant Association president Joe Chirico, indicted last week along with the Gambino clan, allegedly lived a secret life in which he served as an extortionist for the mob. [NYP] Related: New York Restaurant Association Big Netted in Gambino Roundup Foodies all over the country are willing to drop serious money to sit at chefs’ tables, but is it worth the hefty price tag at a place like Café Gray? [WSJ] If insects aren’t dirty or disease-ridden and they are packed with protein, then why aren’t we eating them? [NYT] Related: What’s It Take to Get a Decent Grasshopper Around Here?
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    Emma Cleary Seeks ‘Sexiest, Savviest Females’ (and a Few Good Men) No word yet on when Emma Cleary’s boîte in the old Double Happiness space will open, but we’ve gotten wind that the promoter turned operator is using the spot’s onetime name, Femme Fatale, for a private networking club that will have its launch party at Upper East Side lounge Lollipop this Saturday, with events to follow around the city. What makes this different from members-only outfits such as Tamsin Lonsdale’s? For one, it’s geared toward “alpha females” in the mold of Cleary’s partner, Danijela Lazarevic, former head of a South African events company. But “sophisticated, stylish, and successful women” aren’t the only ones invited, as the press release indicates.
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    1 Oak Open for New Year’s Eve, Femme Fatale Will Try Again Next YearA hearty congrats to 1 Oak on its New Year’s Eve invite — we’re not sure whether the two pistols are an homage to Guns N’ Roses or whether they’re to say that the bouncers will be packing à la Opus 22, but whatever. One boîte that won’t be open for New Year’s as hoped is Emma Cleary’s Femme Fatale. Cleary had her Christmas party at Jur et Nuit in midtown, so we’re thinking it’s going to be a while till champers flows again in the old Double Happiness space. Until then, we welcome the tourists and their outdated guidebooks. Earlier: Femme Fatale Puts the Wrecking Ball to Double Happiness Related: Happy New Year [Down by the Hipster]
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    Femme Fatale Puts the Wrecking Ball to Double Happiness Construction has just started in earnest on Emma Cleary’s super-exclusive boîte Femme Fatale. This morning we peeped debris being hauled out of the former Double Happiness and Palais Royale spaces, meaning it’s just a matter of time before the coveted skylit alcove — scene of so many freshman birthday parties — becomes what we imagine will be the teeniest, tiniest VIP in the city. We invite you to take one last nostalgic look at it before you find yourself telling the teenage model you’re with, “You know, you didn’t always have to buy a $7,500 bottle of Veuve to sit here…” Earlier: The Last Days of Double Happiness
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    The Last Days of Double HappinessThough rumor had Double Happiness and its upstairs bar Palais Royale closing in late August to make way for former Tenjune promoter Emma Cleary’s restaurant and lounge Femme Fatale, it remains open. Now we can report that September 29 will be the place’s last night, when we can only assume that nostalgic types who did their first bump in the bathroom will tear the abacuses from the wall before the double doors are chained shut once and for all. Don’t like the idea of another velvet rope in the neighborhood? Just remember, the current incarnation was supposedly a gay social club and mafia hangout. Emma’s door will be a breeze in comparison. Earlier: Double Happiness to Get $1 Million Makeover, Reopen to Privileged Few