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Female Chefs

  1. Interviews
    Dominique Crenn Named ‘Best Female Chef’“I’m looking at the award this way: We still need to do a lot of work.”
  2. Food on Film
    Burnt’s Female Characters Deserve a Better MovieThe film endorses the “deal with it” response to restaurant abuse.
  3. Talent
    Goddesses of Food: 10 World-Class Chefs Who — Believe It or Not —Alice Waters, Anne Sophie-Pic, and plenty of others.
  4. Quote of the Day
    Real-Life Chef Who Inspired Haute Cuisine Says It Gets BetterThis movie hits theaters today.
  5. Ladies Man
    Anthony Bourdain Thinks Men ‘Kind of Suck’His misguided attempt at feminism.
  6. Ladies Who Make Lunch
    Another Attempt to Answer the Female Chef QuestionAnita Lo and Joyce Goldstein discuss the difference between the New York and San Francisco scenes.
  7. Food for Thought
    Bourdain, Ripert, Izard, and Others Ask: ‘Where Are the Great FemaleThe question seems to be on everyone’s mind lately.
  8. Trimmings
    Sorella’s Chef, Emma Hearst, Passes Catty NotesWhat’s up with the weird ‘Note from the Chef’ at Sorella? Plus, female chefs make their 2009 predictions.