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Feed The Animals

  1. feed the animals
    NYC’s Newest Food Influencers Are Its SquirrelsMove over, rats.
  2. Feed the Animals
    See Rachael Ray’s Canine Food Truck, Rolling Out ThursdayWoof!
  3. Feed the Animals
    Wait, Now We Have to Deal With Raw-Foodist Pets?Harrumph, next these critters are going to invade our yoga classes.
  4. Feed the Animals
    Squirrels Ask for Food the Same Way They Ask for Sex“Give me food” and “give me sex” are expressed with the same handy sound.
  5. Openings
    Dog-Themed Pub the Growler Now Open on Stone StreetThe bites are coming as soon as ConEd turns on the gas.
  6. Barking News
    Fur Real: There Is Now a Dog Food TruckIt even seems a dog is driving!
  7. Feed the Animals
    Company Makes Cupcakes for Dogs, Fails to Call Them ‘Pupcakes’That’s right, cupcakes for dogs are now a thing.
  8. Feed the Animals
    San Rocco Invites Dogs to Dine AlfrescoThere’s a special menu for pooches.
  9. Feed the Animals
    Bocce’s Biscuit Bike Is Now Rolling, With Doggie Ice Cream!The food cart for canines has launched.
  10. Feed the Animals
    There’s a Doggie ‘Biscuit Bike’ In the Works (Seriously)Because why should any pup have to miss out on the food-truck trend?
  11. Feed the Animals
    Beef Up Your Pet’s Diet With Vegan TreatsRaw-tailer One Lucky Duck has launched a pets department.