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Faux Pas

  1. Let’s Do Brunch
    New Morning Meals at Industriel, Abigaile, and Faux PasAll three have international offerings, covering those who seek beef bimbimbap, faux gras with duck-fat biscuits, or just a simple croque.
  2. Faux Pas
    Le Bernardin Must Really Want Those Michelin Stars [Updated]A Michelin inspector tweets about a great dinner there; too bad the restaurant’s been closed for a month.
  3. Eatiquette
    ‘No Problem,’ ‘Working on That,’ and Other ThingsThe latest installment in a restaurateur’s list of service no-no’s.
  4. Eatiquette
    Good or Bad?: Having the Check Ready When Asking About DessertIs it an act of rudeness or the height of efficiency?
  5. Faux Pas
    Milk & Honey OutedSomeone had to go and publish the new number.