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  1. Free Stuff
    Chipotle’s Giving Away Free BurritosTo make up for the fact that they’re closed for an all-hands-on-deck food-safety conference.
  2. Fast Food Crisis
    McDonald’s Serving Mozzarella-Less SticksJust as sales were improving and things were starting to turn around.
  3. The Chain Gang
    Steak ’n Shake Thinks It’s Too Cool for Value DealsThe fast-food favorite promises its prices won’t rise this year.
  4. The Chain Gang
    Ridiculous Terms Chains Use for ‘Fast Food’Shake Shack is “fine casual,” while Arby’s is now “fast crafted.”
  5. Studies
    Fast Food Might Be Even Worse for Kids Than You Already ThoughtA study links greater “neighborhood access” to fast food to lower bone mass in kids.
  6. Studies
    Study Shows One Third of American Kids Eat Fast Food on Any Given DayA new report by the CDC says it accounts for 12 percent of kids’ total calories.
  7. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Will Launch All-Day Breakfast on October 6Get ready for the nationwide rollout.
  8. The Chain Gang
    Congratulations, America: Burger King Just Unveiled ‘Fiery Chicken“The idea is that it’s so spicy it might actually offend you.”
  9. Price Check
    A $15 Minimum Wage Will Only Raise Big Mac Prices by About 22 CentsFast food will still be very, very cheap.
  10. The Chain Gang
    Taco Bell’s Hip and Boozy Chicago Store Will Have a BouncerIt’s opening in August in Chicago’s Wicker Park.
  11. Minimum Wage
    Fast-Food Workers Celebrate Minimum-Wage Victory As Franchisees Fight BackMany have hailed it as a major victory, but not everyone is happy.
  12. Minimum Wage
    NY Wage Board Officially Recommends $15 an Hour Pay Rate for Fast-Food WorkersThe pay bump will be phased in over several years.
  13. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Prepares to Finally Give Everyone All-Day BreakfastCustomers have only been asking for this since forever.
  14. Minimum Wage
    Gloria Steinem Calls for Higher Wages for Fast-Food WorkersShe’s pushing for $15 an hour — up from $8.75.
  15. The Chain Gang
    There Are About to Be a Whole Lot More Wendy’sThe chain plans to open 1,000 more locations by 2020.
  16. Bans
    L.A.’s Radical Fast-Food Ban Didn’t Lower Obesity Rates at AllPeople actually got fatter.
  17. Burger Business
    Americans Ordered 9 Billion Burgers in 2014That’s 30 million more than last year.
  18. Health Concerns
    A Study Linked Increased Fast-Food Consumption to Poor Test Scores in KidsIn some cases, eating chain restaurant food every day lowered test scores by four points.
  19. The Chain Gang
    Fast-Food Drive-Throughs Are Slower Than Ever Because of All the Gimmicky MenuBlame waffle breakfast tacos, chicken fries, and Doritos-laced everything.
  20. Pay Day
    Even Conservatives Support a Wage Hike for Restaurant WorkersMeanwhile, the city’s minimum wage will most likely reach $15.22 per hour in five years.
  21. Bans
    Fast-Food-Toy Ban Could Be Very EffectiveIt’s all about the free barbie.
  22. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Tests Out Giving Free Food to Drive-Through Customers Who WaitThere are a few catches.
  23. The Chain Gang
    Kremlin-Approved RusBurger Replaces McDonald’s in Crimea, PromisesCrimea finally gets a “Taste of Russia.”
  24. Whites People
    Fast-Food Breakfast Sandwich Wars Cause All-Out Egg White ShortageDried albumin stocks are at record lows!
  25. The Chain Gang
    Ronald McDonald’s Spiffy New Outfits Aren’t Getting a Lot of LoveAlso, he’s taking selfies now.
  26. Grub Guides
    11 Fast-Food Chains We Actually Want to See Open in New YorkNando’s, Waffle House, and more.
  27. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Shuts Down in CrimeaThe fast-food giant is offering to move workers and their families.
  28. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s ‘Wage Theft’ Lawsuits Kick New Round of Fast-FoodThe minimum-wage debate rages on outside the home of the Dollar Menu.
  29. Lawsuits
    Fast-Food Employees Sue McDonald’s for Wage Theft“They all share a common purpose, to drive labor costs down by stealing wages from McDonald’s workers.”
  30. Quote of the Day
    José Andrés Will Change the Fast-Food Game NextIt’ll be open within the next two years, he says.
  31. Miscreants
    Couple Faces Assault Charges for Shooting Drive-Through Worker With Nerf DartThey didn’t even order anything first.
  32. The Chain Gang
    Chick-fil-A Employees Brave Southern Snowpocalypse to Hand Out Sandwiches“For the frozen drivers, it was manna from heaven.”
  33. The Chain Gang
    Chick-fil-A Customers Waited in Subzero Temperatures for Free Food“This is God’s fast-food.”
  34. The Chain Gang
    The Mountain Dew–ification of Taco Bell Begins With Three Brand-New SodasThese sodas would have been introduced earlier, but you know how hard it is to get a good supply of yumberries these days.
  35. Best Practices
    McDonald’s Vows to Start Serving ‘Verified Sustainable Beef’First, however, someone has to define “sustainable.”
  36. Useless Nuggets
    McDonald’s McResources Site Is KaputThe Fry Guys try to correct their faux pas.
  37. Useless Nuggets
    McDonald’s Employee Portal Tells Fast-Food Workers Not to Eat Fast FoodCount your French fries, too.
  38. Empty Calories
    Junk-Food-Heavy Diets Impair Cognitive Function After One WeekWhere’s the beef? Seriously, I can’t remember.
  39. Chiefs V. Redskins
    Sonic Really Sorry for ‘Poor Taste’ of Chiefs vs. Redskins SignSonic is sorry, and accepts no responsibility for the Chiefs’ victory.
  40. Useless Nuggets
    McDonald’s Advised Low-Wage Workers on How to Tip Imaginary Pool Boys, AuThe fast-food giant published some more very unhelpful advice for struggling employees.
  41. The Chain Gang
    Chick-fil-A Removing Dye and Corn Syrup From MenuAu revoir, HFCS.
  42. McLoogie
    McDonald’s Employee Who Spit in Cop’s Food Sentenced to 2-Plus YearsMany have committed these crimes; some are serving time.
  43. Useless Nuggets
    McDonald’s Advises Hungry Employees to ‘Break Food Into LittleSing a happy song, return unopened gifts, and more unhelpful advice from the fast-food giant.
  44. Pinto
    Chipotle Finally Lands Its Own Sponsored HuffPo SectionDon’t call it a paid endorsement.
  45. The Chain Gang
    Reports Say Low-Paying Fast-Food Jobs Cost Billions in Public AssistanceIt’s all about the American dream, it turns out.
  46. Your Old Kentucky Home
    KFC Auctions Off Colonel Sanders’s Personal EffectsHarland Sanders’s key to the city of St. Louis for only $75. (Works in most locks.)
  47. Crime
    Fast-food Drive-through Window Robberies on the RiseIt’s happening in Massachusetts, Texas, and Florida.
  48. The Chain Gang
    Actual Secret Fast-Food Items Indistinguishable From Those inReal or fake: Chicken McFlurry, McGangBang, and Saucedilla?
  49. Border Run
    Teen Crashes Into Taco Bell Four TimesIt’s called a drive-through, not a “drive-into.”
  50. Chicken Gristle
    Bock What? Chicken Nuggets Are Mostly Nerves, Veins, CartilageRanch dressing isn’t going to make this any better.
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