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  1. Neighborhood Watch
    Farina Opens Their Roof Terrace; A Very Old Italian Place in Hayward Closes
  2. Previews
    There May Finally Be a Farina Pizzeria By Mid-Summer [Updated]Alas, it will be called Farina Pizza & Cucina Italiana.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Farina Deigns to Give a Discount; Popeye’s Ravaged By Bay to BreakersAlso, the Blue Fig does good brunch.
  4. Crime Scenes
    Regarding Those Black-Clad Anarchists Who Don’t Much Care for Four BarrelA supplier of gas masks and such says a lot of the kids are trust-fund types.
  5. Crime Scenes
    Wells Fargo Donates to Vandalized Mission RestaurantsAlso, a grass-roots effort has raised $6,000.
  6. Crime Scenes
    Farina, Bar Tartine, Four Barrel Vandalized in Pre-May Day MarchA few windows went smash.
  7. Hopelessly Delayed
    Farina’s Pizzeria Offshoot Might Actually Open One DayThe name remains up in the air.
  8. The Other Critics
    Josh Sens Loves Haven, Calls It ‘a Thinking Chef’s CaliforniaUnterman, despite the prices, is in love with the new chef at Farina.
  9. Endangered
    Is Farina Circling the Drain? They’re Now Keeping Employees’ TipsThey’re keeping tips and then doling out ‘bonuses’ based on performance.
  10. The Other Critics
    Bauer Delivers a One-and-a-Half-Star Smackdown to FarinaOuch.
  11. The Other Critics
    Mark Bittman Admits That Maybe, Possibly, S.F. Has Better Regional Italian FoodMore fodder for the S.F.-NYC rivalry, via a NYT food writer.
  12. Chef Shuffle
    Farina Gets a Pair of New ChefsA brother and sister team are taking over the kitchen.
  13. Pizza! Pizza!
    Pizzeria Delfina Delayed in Hayes Valley; Antica Pizzeria Napoletana Due ByAlso, chef Paolo Laboa has left the employ of Farina.
  14. Celebrity Settings
    Sharon Stone Drops By Farina, the Killers Get Drunk at the Redwood RoomSharon likes Farina, apparently.
  15. Mediavore
    Was Elena Kagan a Shill for GMOs?; Ruth Reichl and Tyler Florence Get Daytime
  16. Pizza Pizza
    How Many Neapolitan Joints Will Soon Be Battling for Your Pizza Dollar?The pizza scene in SF is about to get many new players.
  17. Pizza Pizza
    Exclusive: Master Pizzaiolo Anthony Mangieri To Open in San Francisco in MayA New York Neapolitan pizza heavyweight will reopen in San Francisco come May.
  18. Pizza Pizza
    Farina Pizza Gets a Name, and a Nameless PizzaioloA pizza chef straight from Naples will take the helm at Farina’s offshoot.
  19. Pizza Pizza
    Correction: Darsky Remains Solo, Pizzeria Locale Still TBDDarsky is not teaming with Farina, but still isn’t sure where he’ll be opening his own place.
  20. Rumor Mill
    Darsky Teaming With Farina for 18th and Valencia Pizzeria?Farina is set to take over the corner of 18th and Valencia, thus dominating the block.
  21. Foodievents
    Do Good by Eating Well at Food for ThoughtParticipating restaurants will donate revenue to charity.
  22. The Other Critics
    Starbelly Scores; Farina Pasta ‘Glorious’