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  1. grocery wars
    Farewell to Dean & DeLuca, New York’s Food UtopiaIt made the city a better place to eat; now it’s on the brink of collapse.
  2. farewells
    Good-bye to the White Horse Tavern, a Flawlessly Imperfect PubThere may never be another bar quite like it.
  3. farewells
    Union Square’s Iconic Coffee Shop Will CloseAfter 28 years in business.
  4. Farewells
    A Grub Street Editor Says Good-byeIt’s time to make the Shmoo Donuts, so to speak.
  5. Farewells
    Taco Shop Closes After Calling Customers ‘Inbred, Meth Snorting“Unfortunately, most of Yucca Valley didn’t have good taste like you,” the owner wrote on Facebook.
  6. Farewells
    Restaurant Posts Somber ‘Obituary’ After Upstairs Neighbor Kills the“Cause of death: The HMO owner who did not fix a leak.”
  7. Farewells
    It’s an Exceptionally Bad Day for Nostalgic, Failing Family RestaurantsSundae, bloody sundae.
  8. Farewells
    So Long, Mat SchafferThe Herald’s longtime restaurant critic takes a buyout from the newspaper.
  9. Farewells
    Cheyenne May Be Headed for DixieAfter a deal to relocate it to Red Hook fell through, the diner may be sold within a week.