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  1. Famous Food
    Ellen and Portia Investing in Valley Vegan Restaurant with Chrissie HyndeThe eatery will no doubt be the hot-spot for celebrities dying to to appear vegan in public.
  2. Lawsuits
    Another Day, Another Lawsuit for The Dolce GroupEmbezzlement? Sexual dalliances? Extortion? All in a day of the Dolce Group.
  3. Video Feed
    Is Famous Food Bad Enough to Finally Kill Off Restaurant Reality Shows?We can only hope.
  4. Mediavore
    Food Riots Strike Kenya; California Salmon Come BackAfter a three-year forced closure, the California species is again being fished for.
  5. Mediavore
    Corbett Taps GOP Crony For LCB Seat; House Republicans Won’t Side With Obama onPlus: Famous Food is called a ‘Train Wreck’; and rioting over food prices rattles Kenya, all in our morning news roundup.
  6. TV Land
    Inevitably, A Dolce Group Restaurant Becomes A Reality TV ShowThe Lemon basket serves farm-to-table cuisine with a huge side of reality TV stars trying to run the place.