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Faith In Humanity

  1. Faith In Humanity
    Customers Actually Overpay at Coffee Shop That Runs on Honor SystemBy about 15 percent, to be precise.
  2. It’s a Wunderbar Life
    Owner Selling 6,000-Square-Foot Texas Restaurant to Pay Server’s MedicalHe plans to raise $2 million.
  3. Merry Pranksters
    Watch These Guys Break Into a Pizza Shop to Feed the HomelessIt’s a pizza party on the streets.
  4. Faith in Humanity
    Olive Garden (Maybe) Gives Family Free Meal After Girl Reveals,Breadsticks make everything better.
  5. Receipt Rant
    Applebee’s Scandal Inspires Good TippingSomewhere, a wronged waitress is smiling.
  6. Faith in Humanity
    Waiter Who Defended Special-Needs Child Becomes Local HeroPeople want to shake his hand.
  7. Faith in Humanity
    Waiter Risks His Job to Defend a Special-Needs ChildMichael Garcia deserves a raise.
  8. Aw
    Finally, a Nice Message on a Restaurant ReceiptA Red Robin manager wrote “MOM 2 BEE GOOD LUC” and gave a discount.