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Exit Series

  1. Beer Me
    Brewer Casey Hughes Leaving New Jersey’s Flying Fish BreweryThe award-winning brewer is headed to Florida to start up his own brewing concern.
  2. Beer Me
    Flying Fish Postpones Tonight’s Exit Series TastingThere just may be something to this “nation of wusses” stuff.
  3. Beer Me
    Flying Fish Announces its Next Exit Series BeerFor the sixth entry into the limited edition brew series, Flying Fish puts forth a chocolate stout.
  4. Beer Me
    Flying Fish’s Exit 1 Comes Out on Top of the Atlantic’s Oyster Stout RoundupThe Atlantic’s writer picked Flying Fish’s Exit 1 as the best oyster stout he could get his hands on.
  5. Bars
    Mondays are for Drinking New ThingsWhere to try new alcoholic beverages around town
  6. Beer Me
    Drink the MeadowlandsThe latest toll road beer from the N.J.-based brewery
  7. Beer
    Get the First Taste of Flying Fish Exit 1 TonightThe third NJ Turnpike-inspired beer from Flying Fish debuts
  8. Booze News
    M.A.D.D. Kinda Mad About Exit SeriesNot everyone loves Flying Fish’s turnpike-inspired beers