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  1. commentary
    I Manage a Restaurant. Tips Have Never Been More Volatile.When undertipping becomes confrontational.
  2. problem solving
    Everything You Need to Know About Tipping Right Now15 to 20 percent doesn’t cut it anymore.
  3. commentary
    Should You Still Pay For Dinner If You Were Robbed While You Ate It?An etiquette question for the age of outdoor dining.
  4. etiquette
    This Is Not the Time to Start Ghosting RestaurantsReservation no-shows are up at the worst possible moment.
  5. reopening
    Everything You Need to Know About Eating in Restaurants Right NowThe world has changed. So have dining rooms.
  6. faqs
    How to TipA handy guide for cheapskates and idiots.
  7. Schadenfood
    65 Percent of Waiters Admit They Make You Wait Longer for Food If You Annoy ThemA study digs into the karma of bad customer etiquette.
  8. Etiquette
    Prince Finally Pays for Costata Dinner, Leaves $500 TipAnd left a big tip!
  9. Etiquette
    Prince Dined and Dashed at Costata, and He Still Hasn’t PaidHe was too busy playing a five-hour show last night.
  10. Woof
    New Yorkers Are Bringing Fake Service Dogs Into Fancy RestaurantsEver dream of eating with your pooch at Le Cirque?
  11. Etiquette
    The Game Denied Service at Houston’s Because of His TattoosIs this racial profiling or just a dress-code enforcement?
  12. Etiquette
    Taylor Swift Leaves Huge Tip at Philly Restaurant62.5 percent, to be precise.
  13. Etiquette
    Andrew Zimmern Hates on a Restaurant That’s Most Likely Sushi YasudaBut he won’t explicitly identify the East 40s sushi bar that has a no-tip policy.
  14. Etiquette
    Service Included: 11 Restaurants Where Tipping Isn’t CustomaryIncluding Per Se, Next, and Chez Panisse.
  15. Always Be Closing
    The Eight-Point Plan for Persuading Dining Companions to Order Exactly What YouBargain and negotiate your way into tasting all the food you’re craving.
  16. Etiquette
    Don’t Drink the Green Beer: That and More St. Patrick’s Day Tips FromSage wisdom from those on the inside.
  17. Mediavore
    Designer Ice Threatens Antarctic; Vigil Held For 22-Year-Old Killed by Police atIt may improve your cocktail at the expense of polar bears’ lifespan.
  18. Department of Deportment
    Are Restaurants Responsible for Your Food Allergies?The current surge of food intolerances puts restaurants in a tricky spot, and they shouldn’t have to deal with them if they don’t want to.
  19. Etiquette
    In Defense of Dining With ChildrenAs kids are banned in restaurants, the childless cheer and parents groan. But the whole debate is framed as a false choice between a civilized evening and kids running amok.
  20. Mediavore
    Police Seek Tips to Identify Felton Supper Club Gunmen; ‘New Nordic’Plus: Eating sardine sandwiches at your desk is so uncool; and a breakdown of bacteria in food, all in our morning news roundup.
  21. Etiquette
    It Isn’t Just Pennsylvania Restaurants That Ban KidsSome NYC restaurants are trying to keep kids out, too.
  22. Etiquette
    Restaurant Diners Agree With Pennsylvania Restaurant’s Kid BanIt seems an overwhelming majority would prefer that you leave your kids at home.
  23. Etiquette
    Pennsylvania Restaurant Owner Bans Babies and ToddlersRather than ruin everything for everyone, the restaurant owner has asked customers to leave the little ones at home.
  24. Etiquette
    Sip, But Don’t Forget to TipSure the drinks are cheap, but that doesn’t mean you have to be.
  25. Etiquette
    There’s No Use Crying Over a Spilled MojitoDrinks get spilled. It’s a fact of life. Get over it.
  26. Etiquette
    Time to Learn Proper Napkin Etiquette!Finally! No more napkin follies: ‘GQ’ comes to the rescue.
  27. Lists
    The Etiquette Police Have ArrivedBoth Time Out Chicago and the Tribune’s The Stew weigh in on how to behave at restaurants.
  28. Wine
    Wine Etiquette: The Six Thousand Dollar AccidentA man accidentally orders a $6,000 bottle of wine - what’s the protocol there?