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Ethical Eating

  1. The Other Critics
    Alan Richman’s Rules for ‘Ethical Eating’Avoid food wrapped in plastic.
  2. Ethics of Eating
    PETA Will Protest ‘Live Octopus’ Tonight (Plus: ‘Save FoieAnimal-cruelty activists go on the offensive.
  3. Ethics of Eating
    Critic A.A. Gill Kills a Baboon, Doesn’t Have the Decency to Eat It“There’s a deep inconsistency between deploring the killing of a baboon while we order another portion of butter chicken or fish fry.”
  4. Ethical Eating
    The End of CookingWe’re fat because we don’t cook, according to Michael Pollan’s long and winding essay in this weeks’ ‘New York Times Magazine.
  5. In the Magazine
    A Great Hummus Among Us; the Skinny on Ethical EatingAlso in the magazine this week: A little owl alum branches out, and a new ice-cream cart.