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Ess A Bagel

  1. Relocations
    Ess-a-Bagel Will Reopen Original Shop ‘Down the Block’The schmear campaign continues apace.
  2. Relocations
    Ess-a-Bagel Will Close This Month“There’s a lot that’s up in the air,” says its owner, about a potential relocation.
  3. The Grub Street Diet
    Gary Shteyngart Tries and Tries Again to Eat at Ess-a-Bagel“I wish I were a frat boy here just eating wings all day long and majoring in organizational psychology or whatever it takes these days.”
  4. Trimmings
    Sign of Change at Ess-a-BagelEss-a-Bagel’s iconic yellow sign is toast.
  5. Your Favorite FoodsResults of a poll asking readers for their favorite pizzas, burgers, bakeries, bars, and bagels.
  6. The In-box
    Ess-a-Bagel Customer Demands: ‘Stop the Scooping’A friend of Grub Street has alerted us to a trend among her fellow females that is as disturbing to bagel lovers as the whole “Jack and Diet” thing is to anyone who takes drinking seriously.
  7. The New York Diet
    Graffiti Goddess Claw Money Starts With a Bagel, Finishes with Champagne and Now that she’s retired from the graffiti game, Queens-born Claw Money (whose signature claw you’ve seen all over the city and on Ecko apparel) says she has “like, 10,000 jobs.” In addition to designing her own line and finishing her second book, Shady Lady (it’s about eyewear), she’s the fashion director for Swindle magazine, a coveted brand consultant, and the wardrobe supervisor for a top-secret VH1 pilot. So how does she get into work mode? “It’s not a good day,” she says, “unless you start it out with a bagel.” As she prepped for a party launching the sneakers she designed for Nike, she told us what the rest of her days entailed.
  8. NewsFeed
    Germs Gone Wild!Normally, an article like this Boston Herald piece on our city’s efforts to crack down on exotic meats would have us up in arms. No turtles, frogs, or cow lungs? No “smoked rodent meat”? What is this, Moscow? But a spate of food-borne illnesses in the last week has made us reconsider our libertarian stance. Four Taco Bells in Long Island were just closed after nineteen people got sick from E. coli at a New Jersey location (like so many other chains, the Bell gets most of their food from a central commissary; twenty more people were sickened in New York); Dinosaur BBQ’s Syracuse branch was the source of a recent viral outbreak that sickened 600 people upstate, and Ess-A-Bagel on First Avenue was shuttered for not having any Health Department permit at all. We’re all in favor of eating what we like and hoping our antibodies do their part, but writhing in bed is not how we intend to spend the holidays. That’s how we plan on spending the days after the holidays. From Iguanas to Armadillos, New York State Cracking Down on Mystery Meats [AP via Boston Herald] E. Coli Sickens 39 in New Jersey and New York [NYT] 600 Sickened After Eating at N.Y. Bar [AP via Island Packet]