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  1. the other critics
    Here Are Esquire’s Best New Restaurants of 2019Five New York City restaurants made the cut this year.
  2. the other critics
    Here’s Esquire’s List of the Best New Restaurants in AmericaNew York highlights include Atomix, Don Angie, and Misi.
  3. the other critics
    Here’s Esquire’s List of the Best Bars in AmericaFeaturing the George Washington Bar, Brothers and Sisters, and others.
  4. the other critics
    Here’s Esquire’s List of the Best New Restaurants in AmericaIncluding Felix Trattoria, the Grill and Pool, Olmsted, and more.
  5. Lists
    Here’s Esquire’s List of the Best New Restaurants in AmericaThe list includes Shaya from New Orleans, Townsman in Boston, and New York’s Shuko and Little Park.
  6. Lists
    Esquire Names America’s Best New Restaurants for 2014Brooklyn’s Take Root is “an oasis of passion, a crack in the rock of a cynical world.”
  7. Lists
    Esquire Names America’s Best Restaurants for 2013Critic John Mariani likes Betony the best.
  8. Navel Gazing
    John Mariani Says Modernist Cooking Is Over, Despite Plenty of Evidence to theEven he can’t believe this drivel.
  9. The Bronx
    Esquire Critic John Mariani Attacks Brooklyn, Calls Belmont NewThe magazine critic is wrong about the Bronx, but he also happens to be correct.
  10. Dough
    ‘Roberto Donna Bailout’ Site Launched in Response to EsquireThey’re trying to raise half a million dollars on PayPal.
  11. Accolades
    Sbraga and Little Fish Named on ‘Best’ Lists; Osteria andSbraga earns high marks for great food and reasonable prices.
  12. Lists
    L.A. Scores a Hat-Trick in Esquire’s ‘Best New Restaurants’ ListAnother three this year for some veteran chefs with their own projects.
  13. Lists
    Read What John Mariani Has to Say About State Bird and AQThere’s also a shout-out to Adam Mali at Brasserie S&P.
  14. Accolades
    Vetri Culinary Juggernaut Rolls Into Bon Appetit; Nighttime Is theVetri, and one of his proteges gets named, and the Khyber owners are kings of late night.
  15. Lists
    Predict All You Want, L.A. Chefs Are Already Ahead of the CurveSetting the trends before they’re trends.
  16. Menus
    Playa Looks Into John Sedlar’s Past with Retrospective MenuThe chef is preparing a five-course menu that follows his career from his teenage years to his current projects.
  17. Mediavore
    Local Farmers Reach Out to Pumpkin Growers Elsewhere to Fill Orders; Dud SpudsPlus: ‘Esquire’ releases a manly cookbook; and Wendy’s spent two years developing its latest burger roll out, all in our morning news roundup.
  18. Quote of the Day
    Don’t You Know Who I Am?’Esquire’ ‘Rules for Men’ addresses dining and dialing, among other foodie topics.
  19. Foodievents
    John Mariani Hosts Five-Courses at CulinaWe’d love to see the scribe head east fo La Cienega ourselves, but what are you going to do?
  20. Bars
    Says Esquire: We’re Sorry, Toronado’Esquire’ apologizes for leaving out a San Francisco pub on their best bars list.
  21. Lists
    Esquire Praises Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.; PETA DowngradesWhile the Franklin gets some props for grown-up drinks, Citizen’s Bank Park loses its top ranking.
  22. Lists
    Comstock Saloon, Eleven Other S.F. Bars Named to Esquire’s Best BarsBut, sadly, Toronado got cut.
  23. FYI
    If Tomorrow’s Really the End of Days, Ravi Kapur Would Like To BeIt’s actually beef tongue carpaccio with fried oysters.
  24. Culture Wars
    Is Esquire’s ‘Best New York Restaurants’ List Out ofIt’s all French, Italian, and (with the exception of Osteria Morini), above 28th Street. What gives?
  25. Besties
    We’re Number Five! We’re Number Five!Why L.A. is the fifth best restaurant city in the country.
  26. Tacos
    Aziz Ansari, Mexican Food Fan (and Debater)Aziz Ansari argues about Taco Zone’s mulitas and tortillas.
  27. Ink-Stained Wretches
    Did Esquire Really Coin the Term ‘Power Lunch’?An investigative look reveals it might’ve been the New York ‘Times.’
  28. Holidays
    Chefs Prefer Drinking to Eating Turkey on Thanksgiving23% of chefs say “all of the above” when asked whether to drink wine, whiskey, or champagne with the meal.
  29. Menus
    Daniel Stern Gives His Menus Seasonal UpdatesStern’s R2L gets props form John Mariani and both of his restaurants get new dishes.
  30. Accolades
    Esquire Says Keep an Eye on Michael SchulsonIs “funky” really an appropriate word for describing a bar?
  31. Lists
    Sean Baker at Gather Named Chef of the YearThe young chef is praised once again for his vegan “charcuterie.”
  32. Lists
    ABC Kitchen Is Esquire’s Restaurant of the YearPlus the “Best New Restaurants”: Longman & Eagle in Chicago, Frances in S.F., and more.
  33. Lists
    Esquire Annoints America’s Best BarsDid your favorite bar make the cut?
  34. Beef
    Mariani Bites Back: Bourdain Is ‘Troubled’ and Self-HatingThe ‘Esquire’ critic who is ripped on in Medium Raw responds.
  35. Eating at the Oscars
    Wolfgang Puck: No Drama in Oscars KitchenSpago’s famous chef-owner appears calm while cooking for Hollywood’s biggest night.
  36. Other Magazines
    Food Trends Esquire Is Tired OfWe’re with you on menus with calorie counts, but who doesn’t like cocktail programs?
  37. Lists
    Esquire Shorts SF on ‘Best New’ PicksNopalito is the only San Francisco restaurant to make the list.
  38. Lists
    Esquire’s Four Chicago Restaurants ‘Not To Miss’The Bristol, Sepia, and other runners-up.
  39. Lists
    SHO Shaun Hergatt Follows Michelin Star With Esquire HonorsA look at the magazine’s annual list of best new restaurants.
  40. Lists
    Esquire Recommends Il CasaleThe Belmont restaurant is “not to be missed.”
  41. Lists
    Under the Influence of Batali and ChangAre they the most influential of 2009?
  42. Beef
    Esquire’s Mariani Responds“I have been set up as the poster boy for a freewheeling, demanding, corrupt and leering lout,” complains the food writer.
  43. The Other Critics
    Esquire Editor Defends John Mariani“‘Esquire’ doesn’t position John as a critic.”
  44. The Other Critics
    Esquire’s John Mariani Not Welcome in Chicago“I can’t believe that asshole has the audacity to even call himself a restaurant critic,” says one peeved Windy City chef.
  45. In Other Magazines
    Meat, Breakfast HonoredThe National Magazine Awards are also obsessed with food writing.
  46. Breakfast
    Breakfast Mania Continues’GQ’ is the latest to offer its morning-meal picks.
  47. SoBe Wire: Burger Bash Preview
  48. Lists
    Esquire Still Loves David Chang in the MorningThe magazine’s list of top breakfast spots.
  49. El Gordo
    ‘GQ’’s Gordon Ramsay Crush Is Starting to Creep Us OutMan of the Year? Really?
  50. Lists
    Kampuchea Sneaks Onto ‘Esquire’ List of Top New RestaurantsThe Cambodian restaurant is in distinguished company.
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