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  1. sexual harassment
    After Allegations of Misconduct, Chef Eric Korsh Leaves RacinesThe owners announced they agreed to part ways.
  2. interviews
    Why This Chef Is Leaving Danny Meyer’s Company for a Small French Wine Bar“I think I was just looking forward to really working in a small restaurant.”
  3. Closings
    Calliope Closes in the East Village to Make Way for ContradaIt all starts with dinner this weekend.
  4. Chef Shuffle
    Eric Korsh Replaces Floyd Cardoz at North End GrillHis “official debut” is May 1.
  5. Chef Shuffle
    Ginevra Iverson and Eric Korsh Have Left CalliopeThe talented husband-and-wife team is looking for a new project.
  6. In Season
    In Season: Calliope’s Spicy Marinated Mackerel With Hass AvocadoYou’ll find Hass avocados in the supermarket year-round, but their oil content increases in the spring.
  7. In Season
    In Season: Calliope’s Rainbow Chard-and-Sorrel GratinIts ruffly leaves and sturdy stems count as two vegetables in one, and both can be used to great effect in rich gratins.
  8. Restaurant Review
    Platt on East Village Brasserie CalliopeIt may not be suited to the East Village, but its perfectly executed bistro dishes would be tasty anywhere.
  9. Mediavore
    Masa’s Slashes Prices; Nobody Knows What KFC’s Slogan Is Anymore
  10. Chef Shuffle
    The Waverly Inn Names Its New ChefHe’s not a boldface name.
  11. For Sale
    Restaurant Eloise Already For SaleWith the ovens barely cooled down, Eloise goes on the market for a song.
  12. Closings
    Restaurant Eloise to Close at Month’s EndOwners announced the sudden closure in a letter yesterday.
  13. The Other Critics
    Wexler’s Gets Three Stars; Eloise Impresses