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  1. closings
    Good-bye to Enid’s, a Bar You Could — and Maybe Did — Go to Every NightI already miss having a normal place to go, to meet a friend for a drink and some food and for it to not cost each of us at least $50.
  2. closings
    Greenpoint Favorite Enid’s Will CloseThe bar’s last night will be March 31
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Enid’s Holds Their Eighth Annual Apple Pie Bake-Off; The Backstage BarPlus: Má Pêche adds sandwiches to its menu, and Williamsburg is about to get another coffee shop, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  4. Neighborhood Watch
    Fatty Crab Kiosk Delivers; Roman’s Takes Over BonitaPlus: Apple pie bake-off at Enid’s on Saturday, and a new Au Bon Pain for Rockefeller Center, in our regular roundup of neighborhood food news.
  5. Mediavore
    Big Apple BBQ Block Party Makes Bank; Hipsters to Battle in Pie-Making ContestA man tried to pay for a meal at McDonald’s with marijuana, and business at Katz’s Deli has been up and down lately (like the stock market!), from our glance at the morning headlines.
  6. Ask a Waiter
    Lynnea Scalora of Enid’s and the Annex Can Tell Her Hipsters ApartLynnea Scalora, who happens to be our third Ask a Waiter in a row who is in a band (she’s a bassist for White Hills and a performance artist in the show Ego Sensation) started working at Enid’s a year and a half ago when her previous employer, Oznot’s Dish, closed with three days’ notice. She’s also a bartender at Lower East Side nightspot the Annex. “When you’re bartending, people know they have to be good to get the alcohol from you,” she told us when we asked whether she preferred waiting tables or slinging drinks. “When you’re a server, you’re someone’s slave.” Not that she’s leaving Enid’s anytime soon. “It’s nicer because the customers are more relaxed.” Or are they? We asked her about overcaffeinated brunchers, bridge-and-tunnel invaders, and the tavern’s notoriously rowdy softball team.