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  1. Health Concerns
    Sad Study Discovers Newborns Are Living on Junk FoodOne infant’s teeth reportedly came in black because it was fed bottled soda.
  2. Food Waste
    U.K. Supermarket Chain Vows to Fight Food Waste and Donate All Unsold ProductsThey’ll stop tossing perfectly good food by the end of next year.
  3. Really
    Living Legend Changes His Legal Name to ‘Bacon Double Cheeseburger’He swears he has no regrets.
  4. The Chain Gang
    ‘Excessive’ Sugar Found in Most Starbucks DrinksA Venti white mocha delivers a whopping 75 grams.
  5. Marketing Fails
    Irate Vegetarians Forced a Burger Chain to Pull Its AdsA reminder that antagonizing one of the fastest-growing diet groups is unwise.
  6. Bad Santas
    Worst Santa Ever Robs KFC at KnifepointCrawling into the drive-through window, St. Nicholas came with a bound. And then he took all the cash.
  7. Food Television
    The Hugely Popular Great British Bake Off Gets a SpinoffThe contestants will be professionals this time.
  8. Shortages
    England Is Running Out of Curry ChefsOne third of its 12,500 curry houses reportedly can’t find chefs.
  9. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Testing Out Luxury Burgers“Chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants” developed a thicker patty.
  10. Future Of Food
    An All-Insect Restaurant Will Open in LondonGet ready for worm burgers.
  11. Food Scandals
    British People Possibly Ate 50,000 Horses Without RealizingThat’s how many “disappeared” during the U.K.’s horse-meat scandal.
  12. Tha Chain Gang
    KFC Actually Apologized to a Customer for Its Horrible-Looking FoodThe chicken “Ricebox” was pretty heinous.
  13. Tips
    Servers Are Complaining About Jamie Oliver’s Tipping PolicyThey claim it’s so unfair that they sometimes “pay to work.”
  14. Tech
    There’s Now a Food Factory Powered by Mashed PotatoesThe world’s first, apparently.
  15. Science
    Scientists Have Invented an ‘Ice Cream’ That Doesn’t MeltThe future of picnics.
  16. Coddling
    Heston Blumenthal Is Consulting a Hypnotist for His Fat Duck RemakeHe’s trying to “find out things about people without them being too aware.”
  17. Tips
    Restaurant Chain Gets Caught Stealing All of an Automatic Service ChargeThe U.K.’s Côte is under fire.
  18. Customer Complaints
    Hero Scores Free Pizza Until 2016 by Threatening His Cell-Phone ProviderO2 did not want to lose this customer to its rival.
  19. Crazes
    There’s a New Restaurant That Specializes in Potato-Chip SandwichesMr. Crisp opened in England today.
  20. Bugging Out
    Maggots Fell on a Customer at a Jamie Oliver Restaurant“I can’t be 100 percent sure I didn’t eat one.”
  21. Mash-Ups
    A Distillery Turned a Gin and Tonic Into Ice CreamThe two best parts of summer, now together.
  22. The Chain Gang
    Man Who Brought KFC to England Admits the Food Is Now ‘Dreadful’“The company has ruined the product.”
  23. Breakthroughs
    This Biologist Just Harvested England’s First Farmed TruffleDr. Paul Thomas calls it the “birth of the U.K. truffle industry.”
  24. Golden Egg
    Someone Paid $700 on eBay for a Perfectly Round EggIt wasn’t even Fabergé!
  25. The Chain Gang
    KFC’s Latest Novelty Food Is Edible Coffee Cups Made of CookiesThey’re even artificially scented to smell like fresh-cut grass or wildflowers.
  26. Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay Suffered a Major Legal Blow Over the Rent of His London PubHe’ll be out $1 million a year, plus legal fees, as a result.
  27. Misunderstandings
    Supermarket Sparks Outrage With ‘Ideal for the Food Bank’“Cheap tins are an insult.”
  28. Crime
    Con Man Has Tricked Restaurants Into Giving Him $60,000-Worth of WineThe bandit is drawn to Michelin stars, loves Pétrus, and is still on the loose.
  29. Bad Signs
    A Café Unwisely Told Moms to Go Breast-feed in the BathroomIt said it had “a chair nearby which can be taken inside” for convenience.
  30. Man vs. Food
    Here’s an 8,000-Calorie Breakfast That Requires a Signed Waiver to EatCustomers “see it come out on the big platter all heaped high and start to cry.”
  31. Rum Sour
    This Banned Captain Morgan’s Ad Doesn’t Seem So BadRum’s ability to “overcome boredom” is sort of the allure.
  32. Lawsuits
    TripAdvisor’s Top U.K. Reviewer Accused of Blackmailing Restaurant to GetThe reviewer says 70 percent of what he files is positive.
  33. Spit Happens
    Jamie Oliver’s Flashy London Butcher Shop Closed by Health DepartmentThe shop, underneath the chef’s barbecue restaurant, has since reopened.
  34. Huh?
    Barriers: Owner Erects 5-Foot Wall Around Restaurant to Deal With Rodent ProblemThis probably wouldn’t work in Manhattan.
  35. The Aiken’s Diet
    Is New York Getting a Double Dose of Aikens Chefs?We’ve already got one!
  36. What Gaul
    English People Were On to Frogs’ Legs Thousands of Years Before the FrenchAlso on the menu: Giant cows, red deer, and hazelnuts.
  37. Dangerous Cocktails
    Flaming Cocktail ‘Explodes’ in Woman’s Face at U.K. BarThe unidentified woman was taken to the hospital.
  38. Duffins
    Starbucks Debuts ‘Duffin’ Mash-up; Duffingate ExplodesA local bakery says it launched the doughnut-muffin combination long before the massive coffee chain did.
  39. Smoked Out
    Jamie Oliver’s ‘Cathedral to Fire’ Restaurant Actually CaughtThe restaurant dedicated to all things grilled and smoky is temporarily closed.
  40. Quote of the Day
    U.K. Restaurant Chain Little Chef Boots Heston BlumenthalHis dishes have been on the menu for six years.
  41. Foiemageddon
    Morrissey Shames Kate Middleton for Enjoying Foie GrasHe sort of fat-shames her, too.
  42. Mediavore
    Rihanna Helicopters Junk Food to Hawaiian Villa; Ludo Lefebvre Attacks New YorkThe French chef thinks his East Coast counterparts are “too stuffy.”
  43. Mediavore
    Apples Rain Down on UK Motorists; Bootleg Liquor Kills 116 in IndiaFreak weather causes the fruits to fall from the sky on to British motorists.
  44. Mediavore
    Drought Worsens Hunger in Ethiopia; One in Four Californians Struggle to TheirMeanwhile, a woman in England is trying to become the fattest lady on Earth.
  45. Mediavore
    Food Riots Strike Kenya; California Salmon Come BackAfter a three-year forced closure, the California species is again being fished for.
  46. Mediavore
    Budget Cuts Threaten Central Cali Farmland; Is Borscht Back?Residents of the country’s second largest agricultural center are facing even worse poverty in the face of new legislation.
  47. Mediavore
    Tastykake Sales Dip Due to Production Limitations; Chinatown Wants to Create aPlus scammers impersonate government health inspectors to try to steal sensitive information, and “Sad Gordo” leaves England, all in our morning news roundup.
  48. Animal Instincts
    Animal Chefs Plan Potential Pop-Up in LondonLondon club owner Jonathan Downey has plans to bring Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo to the U.K.
  49. Mediavore
    Seinfeld Sued for Slandering Cookbook Author; Jamie Oliver Mulls Baby NamesA sitcom star could land in court for upsetting a toque and a celebrity chef may be over-thinking his child’s name.
  50. Mediavore
    Carl’s Jr. Sells Beer Downtown; Carl Karcher Enterprises Sold to Boston FirmCarl’s Jr. has the jump on Burger King’s beer bash, and its parent company is purchased by Thomas H. Lee partners.
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