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  1. crumbling empires
    Jamie Oliver’s U.K. Restaurant Empire CollapsesIt could mean the loss of upwards of 1,000 jobs.
  2. food fight
    Is This Pub Owner the World’s Best Trip Advisor User?He fights back against what he claims are lies and falsehoods in reviews.
  3. the feeding tube
    The Great British Baking Show Is Back — But Is It Still Good?A superfan weighs in on some big changes for the show that essentially defines British culture.
  4. shortages
    Now KFC Is Running Out of GravyThe “operational issues” continue.
  5. food waste
    Starbucks Is Testing a Small Fee for Takeout Coffee CupsGet ready to pay a bit more for coffee to go in London — could the charge soon arrive in the U.S.?
  6. the chain gang
    KFC Apologized for Its Chicken Shortage With a Seriously Great AdJust a cheeky little chicken ad from the U.K.
  7. the chain gang
    KFCs Ran Out of Chicken in the U.K. — and the Internet Just Cannot Handle ItA delivery-service change somehow forced almost 700 locations to close.
  8. going bust
    Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant Empire Is Reportedly $100 Million in DebtTo stay afloat, he’s closing nearly half of his Jamie’s Italian restaurants in England.
  9. online reviews
    Chef Says Diners Are ‘Blackmailing’ Him to Avoid His Strict Reservation PolicyThe threat of a bad TripAdvisor review is very real.
  10. tipping
    Chain Bashed for Cold-blooded Tipping Policy That Makes Servers ‘Pay to Work’The legally dubious scheme takes 3 percent of the bill, regardless of the gratuity.
  11. food waste
    Parliament Proposes ‘Latte Levy’ to Curb England’s Cup WasteBritish people reportedly trash 2.5 billion unrecyclable cups a year.
  12. dead meat
    Chef Resigns After Bragging That She ‘Spiked’ a Vegan’s FoodShe “needs some time away from the business to clear her head.”
  13. bad moves
    Chef Gets Death Threats After Bragging She ‘Spiked’ a Vegan MealThe “pious” customer “has gone to bed still believing she’s a vegan.”
  14. the chain gang
    Pizza Hut Is Now Making Vegan PiesBut you’ll need to go to the U.K. to get one.
  15. christmas scandals
    Bakery Chain Apologizes for Using Sausage Roll As Jesus in Nativity SceneIt even includes bite marks.
  16. twitter rants
    Gordon Ramsay Calls Renowned Chef Michel Roux an ‘Old Fart’ for Banning PhotosHe tweeted that the Waterside Inn’s ban is “bloody pompous.”
  17. bans
    One of England’s Greatest Restaurants Has Banned Diners From Photographing FoodMichel Roux says the Waterside Inn is “so upset about people taking pictures.”
  18. the feeding tube
    England Shaken to Its Core After Great British Bake Off Winner Gets Leaked Early“Oh god, what has Prue done?”
  19. ruff deal
    ‘Rooffee,’ the First Coffee for Dogs, Raises Plenty of QuestionsThat head-scratching name is just the first of many.
  20. horrible ideas
    Who’s Ready for Pink ‘Sparkling’ Milk?A large dairy producer has worldwide ambitions for a new drink.
  21. food waste
    This Organic, ‘Zero Waste’ Supermarket Doesn’t Sell Anything in PackagesYou need your own Mason jar for its nut butter and toothpaste.
  22. sausages
    Pigs Rescued From Fire Turned Into Sausages for Firefighters Who Saved ThemThe farmer sent them as a thank-you.
  23. born yesterday
    Sold-out Cheese Festival Runs Out of Cheese, Infuriates Attendees“The demand for cheese on offer wasn’t anticipated” is not a valid excuse.
  24. pretty crappy
    There Could Be Poop Bacteria in Your Fast-food DrinkA BBC study found fecal coliforms in ice at U.K. locations of McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King.
  25. pretty crappy
    There May Be a Little Poop in Your Starbucks Iced CoffeeIn a new test, a third of the chain’s iced drinks were contaminated with fecal bacteria.
  26. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Pulls Ad Saying If Your Dad Dies, You Just Need a Filet-O-FishBereavement groups called the ad “offensive.”
  27. you brexit you buy it
    England Could Introduce ‘Barista Visas’ to Keep Cafés Fully Staffed After BrexitThe government’s Home Office reportedly calls it “a good idea.”
  28. c’mon man
    Grocery Chain in Hot Water After Chairman Labels White Men ‘Endangered Species’Female minorities are “in an extremely propitious period.”
  29. food politics
    U.K. Farmers Warn Brexit Could Make Their Crops ‘Rot in the Fields’In a very familiar-sounding argument, they point out 20 percent of their workforce is foreign.
  30. food waste
    U.K. Supermarket Chain’s New Delivery Trucks Will Run Entirely on Food WasteWaitrose says the vehicles can run 500 miles on biomethane, a by-product of rotting food.
  31. shortages
    The British Are Panicking Because Supermarkets Have Started Rationing VegetablesBad weather has caused a shortage of lettuce, zucchini, eggplant, and broccoli.
  32. you brexit you buy it
    Jamie Oliver Claims Brexit Is Forcing Him to Close 6 Failing RestaurantsBut not everybody buys the connection.
  33. controversies
    As If We Don’t Have Enough to Worry About Today, Toblerone Messed With Its CandyHotel minibars will never be the same.
  34. works of art
    Server Who Broke Priceless Museum Statue Definitely Had a Worse Workday Than YouThe employee’s catering company has not been invited back.
  35. shortages
    Marmite Crisis Puts Britain on the Brink of Total CollapseBlame Brexit.
  36. health concerns
    British Government Will Crack Down on Big DessertsThey don’t have anything better to worry about these days, after all.
  37. news you can booze
    A Brewery Launched a Gadget That’s Basically Amazon Dash for BeerMolson Coors sees a bright future in letting people restock impulsively on Carling.
  38. terrible customers
    Bold Customer Tries Leaving Restaurant One-Star Review After Skipping the BillFor the restaurant’s owner, revenge must feel good.
  39. health concerns
    England Orders Food Industry to Slash Added Sugars by 20 PercentIt’s the U.K.’s most serious effort yet to curb childhood obesity.
  40. food waste
    This App Lets Restaurants Easily Sell Unused FoodAnother way to curb food waste.
  41. dropped calls
    This Bar Blocks Cell-Phone Signals So Customers Have to Talk to Each Other“Rather than asking them not to use their phones, I stopped the phones working.”
  42. bug out
    Protesters Unleash ‘Biblical Swarm’ of Live Insects Inside British Burger ChainThey carted in “many thousands of live cockroaches, locusts, and crickets” in response to a crackdown on undocumented workers.
  43. This Restaurant’s All-Emoji Menu Is Exactly As Unhelpful As You’d ThinkNobody wants lunch to be an exercise in cryptology.
  44. insta-canned
    Hotel Fires Chef for Announcing He Secretly Feeds Meat to VegansNot the smartest thing to reveal on Instagram.
  45. Brexit Is Already Hurting England’s Restaurant BusinessFrantic restaurateurs are screaming, “Buy the Bordeaux! Buy the Bordeaux!”
  46. Sorry Not Sorry
    Restaurant’s Crass ‘Apology’ for Deadly Curry“We are now in the process of launching a new dessert menu.”
  47. Crime Scene
    Restaurateur Jailed for Serving Cheap Curry That Killed a CustomerMohammed Zaman got six years for his cost-saving peanut substitution.
  48. Junked food
    The BBC Is Closing Its Massive Food Website As Part of Budgetary CutsFans say the 11,000-recipe archive is “part of our cultural heritage.”
  49. Crime Scene
    Restaurateur Accused of Killing Customer With Cheap CurryHe allegedly tried saving a few bucks by substituting peanuts.
  50. Swipe Left
    Restaurant Promises to Rescue Female Diners on Bad Tinder Dates“We’ll get you out of it.”
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