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  1. Endangered
    California Citrus Industry Shaken by Discovery of ‘Serious CitrusHuanglongbing was already responsible for a $3.6 billion loss in Florida.
  2. Endangered
    Café Gratitude May In Fact Be Closing Its S.F. LocationThe Berkeley location is safe, as is Gracias Madre.
  3. Endangered
    Potrero’s Axis Café Likely to CloseThe building will be demolished if plans are approved by the city.
  4. Endangered
    Gold Dust Lounge Saga Update: Historic Preservation Commission Denies LandmarkThey’re still facing eviction, but the Board of Supervisors has yet to officially step in, which they probably will.
  5. Lawsuits
    John Campbell’s Irish Bakery Employees Sue for Back PayCampbell now owes about $57,000.
  6. Endangered
    Chuck Nevius Sides With Landlords In Gold Dust Lounge DisputeNot surprisingly, Nevius is no fan of preservation.
  7. Endangered
    Gold Dust Lounge Update: Board of Supervisors Steps InChristine Olague proposes a district-wide moratorium on conversions in Union Square.
  8. Endangered
    Gold Dust Lounge Not Evicted (Yet)!The bar had a “no last call” party on Saturday, and so far the owners have not padlocked the place, even though the eviction date has passed.
  9. Endangered
    51-Year-Old Serra Bowl and Danno’s 300 Club in Daly City Set to Close inThat only leaves us with Presidio Bowl, and the likely douchier Lucky Strike Lanes, opening this week.
  10. Endangered
    Two Castro Bars, Trigger and Lime, Have Liquor Licenses Suspended [Updated]Trigger is suppose to reopen tonight, but Lime may be closed for a while.
  11. Endangered
    Gold Dust Lounge to Toast Willie Brown With Sing-a-LongWhether they’ll be saved next week or not remains to be seen.
  12. Lawsuits
    Gold Dust Lounge Files Suit Against Landlords, Alleges Elder AbuseThe bar may be endangered, but it won’t give up without a fight.
  13. Kerfuffles
    Gold Dust Lounge Does Not Quite Get Reprieve from Preservationists, But theNow Willie Brown’s come out with some fightin’ words for the landlords!
  14. Funnies
    The Tale of a Recent Hipster Field Trip to Russia HouseThe endangered, 101-adjacent wedding venue/sometimes restaurant gets a visit from The Bold Italic kids.
  15. Kerfuffles
    Gold Dust Lounge Supporters to Landlord: ‘This Is Going to Get Ugly’Also, the bar owners still seem to have a few tricks up their sleeves.
  16. Endangered
    Bushi-Tei Goes Up for Sale, Chef Michael Hung DepartsIt’s probably not long for this world.
  17. Neighborhood Watch
    The Deli Board Gets Some Chronicle Love; Habit Burger Expands Anew inAlso, Yet Wah probably isn’t reopening.
  18. Endangered
    Thermidor is for SaleThe restaurant is being shopped around by real estate agents.
  19. Neighborhood Watch
    Gold Dust Lounge Owners to Stage Press Conference; Pickle-Backs at Dear Mom,;
  20. Neighborhood Watch
    Help Save the Gold Dust Lounge!; A Chinatown Japanese Place ShuttersAlso, Smitten Ice Cream gets a shout-out in ‘Vogue.’
  21. Endangered
    Tonight At Least, Blue Palms is Staying AliveMany followers think this could be the final fete, where pints will be sold for only four bucks.
  22. Endangered
    Blue Palms Threatened With Closure, But Still Serving The Sugar BowlThe venue was scheduled to suddenly shutter on Sunday, but is still surviving as of today.
  23. Endangered
    Historic Gold Dust Lounge May Close In a Couple of MonthsThe landlord wants to turn the building over to a large clothing retailer.
  24. TV Land
    Is This the Beginning of the End for Martha Stewart?With the announcement that her Hallmark Channel show is being canceled, it seems Martha’s stock is dipping deeper than ever before.
  25. Taco Town
    ‘Occupy Tujunga’ Seeks to Save Henry’s TacosOr at least, eat some good gringo tacos.
  26. Endangered
    On The Verge of Landmark Status, Henry’s Tacos Could Lose Its Lease“Visibly angry” landlord Mehran Ebrahimpour refuses to renew the lease and opposes the honors.
  27. Mediavore
    FDA Warns 1-800-GET-THIN Over Misleading Ads; Toxic Bloom Spells Doom forThe agency wants the cheery lap-band commercials to change their tune, insisting they skip the serious side of the risky surgery.
  28. Kerfuffles
    In Ongoing PR War, Café Gratitude Devotees Encouraged to Flood Local MediaWe’re trying really hard not to be cynical.
  29. Quote of the Day
    Former Café Gratitude Server Comes to the Restaurant’s Defense
  30. Closings
    Café Gratitude to Close All Northern California Locations; Gracias MadreEmployees say they got a *raw* deal.
  31. Endangered
    Is Farina Circling the Drain? They’re Now Keeping Employees’ TipsThey’re keeping tips and then doling out ‘bonuses’ based on performance.
  32. Nightlife
    Kimo’s to Close After 34 Years on Polk StreetThe longtime heavy metal haven is likely becoming a cocktail bar.
  33. Empire Building
    Charlie Palmer Is Opening a ‘Chef-Driven’ Boutique HotelHe and his developer-partner will be taking over the Crescent Hotel on Stockton Street.
  34. Endangered
    John’s Ocean Beach Café May Be Closing After 31 YearsA developer has plans to demolish the place.
  35. Mediavore
    $10,000 Burglary at Cafe Bizou; Carl’s Jr. Baking Biscuits From ScratchThe LAPD search is on in Sherman Oaks after a French restaurant is robbed of its dough.
  36. Endangered
    Mood Thai Not Long For This World
  37. Endangered
    Jack Lee Removes Shark Fin From His Egg-RollThe Hollywood caterer has a change of heart and mind, replacing the controversial ingredient with Alaskan king crab.
  38. Endangered
    Hollywood Caterer Jack Lee Throws Shark Fin Into His $100 Lobster EggrollEven Jonathan Gold can’t sway the chef behind Chinois Cuisine to forgo the delicacy.
  39. Mediavore
    Fruit Flies Threaten San Gabriel Valley Crops; Pinpointing Michelin Star CitiesThe pests are causing panic in the region’s farmland.
  40. Mediavore
    Protest at Sherman Oaks Ralph’s; Food Crisis in KenyaNearly 100 protestors chant “Ralph’s wants welfare, we want healthcare!” at the grocery giant.
  41. Endangered
    Bistro M Possibly Closing in Windsor?
  42. Mediavore
    What Causes Brain Freeze; Frank Sinatra Drank Bolla Soave and JackFace-scrunching is a mere side-effect of downing cold liquids.
  43. Endangered
    Which Restaurant Chain Will Go Bankrupt Next?Denny’s, Wendy’s, and Domino’s are all on bankruptcy watch.
  44. Endangered
    Brand X Gets AxedThe L.A. Times’ younger, cooler sister ceases publication, a blow to local food and drink fans.
  45. Endangered
    Shark Fin Ban Battle Gets Hot: Which Side is Yao Ming On?Sides are increasingly being drawn, with powerful San Francisco lawmakers and Chinese restaurant owners on one side and green celebrities and environmental activists on the other.
  46. Endangered
    Essex Street Market’s Future Looking a Little UncertainCB 3 convened last night to discuss the market’s fate.
  47. Endangered
    Fairmont Hotel Goes Up For Sale, But Tonga Room May Be Around for Quite a BitThe hotel is now one of four hotels on Nob Hill for sale, so it’s likely to sit on the market for a while.
  48. Endangered
    Villa Marina Makeover Closing a Chain and Endangering Antica PizzeriaThe Neapolitan pizza makers tell us they’re waiting for official word on their fate as its neighbors will be gone by the end of the month.
  49. Booze You Can Use
    John Walker & Co. Shutters Temporarily, City’s Mixologists WeepSome trouble with the ABC has temporarily shuttered the 78-year-old fine liquor store.
  50. Previews
    Capri Replacement Gets a Name: Canela
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