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  1. Endangered
    Bistro Gambrinus Is on the Way OutIt’s bowing out after four years.
  2. Endangered
    East L.A.’s Giant Tamale Could Be Your’s For $459,000The former site of Tamale Cafe hearkens back to an era when the city was dotted with roadside eateries shaped like our favorite foods.
  3. Lawsuits
    Embattled Oyster Farm Didn’t Ask for Help From Republicans, ButDrakes Bay Oyster Co. in Northern California has been taken up by the oil industry, which sees the case as having broad impacts for federal land use.
  4. Endangered
    After Al Fresco Dining Is Dashed, St. Vincent’s Court Resembles a ‘Ghost Town’Councilman Jose Huizar thinks both sides will benefit from a little compromise.
  5. Rumors
    Tiki Ti Teases Fans With Sale Rumors, Then Goes on Three-Week Spring BreakOwners say a huge offer has been made on their real-estate.
  6. Endangered
    The Grove Planning to Abandon the MarinaThe original location has run into a landlord dispute.
  7. Endangered
    Chez Jay Considering A Few (Ugh) Family-Friendly ChangesThe legendary celebrity haunt and character-rich dive may have to accommodate the encroaching public park.
  8. Lawsuits
    Conservative Org, Backed By the Koch Brothers, Helping Fight for Drakes BayThe case has implications far beyond just oyster farming, and Drakes Estero.
  9. Endangered
    Drakes Bay Oyster Co. Gets Yet Another Reprieve From the 9th CircuitThey now have until mid-May, at least.
  10. Endangered
    Scream Sorbet Likely to CloseThe purveyors of creamy, yet dairy-free, excellent sorbet are in trouble.
  11. Endangered
    Tinga Reboots Renee’s Sooner Than ExpectedTinga will probably have a working ice machine at the old Renee’s Courtyard Cafe space
  12. The Great Outdoors
    Downtown’s St. Vincent Court Cleared of Outdoor Dining, Restaurateurs Fear ForThe enchanting alleyway has been at the center of a fight between its cafe-owners and the family behind The Los Angeles Theatre.
  13. Endangered
    Big 4 Restaurant May Not Be Long For This WorldA new company bought the hotel it lives in and is weighing their options.
  14. Community Bored
    Bacon Bacon Gets Complaints From Bacon-Hating Ashbury Heights NeighborsSome NIMBYs across the street are challenging their conditional use permit.
  15. Endangered
    Renee’s Courtyard Cafe Sold To New Owners. Is Vintage Santa Monica Disappearing?There are still a few classics one should soak in before they too go the way of the dodo.
  16. Endangered
    Figueroa Produce Wins The Fight For Its Life in Highland ParkThe healthy market settled its skirmish with the landlord.
  17. Endangered
    TiGeorges’ Chicken May Be Saved!The owner is receiving city help to relocate or upgrade his business, instead of heading back to Haiti as planned.
  18. Endangered
    Sun’s Restaurant and Figueroa Produce Threatened As Highland Park BoomsOwners are asking the community they helped develop to keep them from being forced out.
  19. Lawsuits
    Drakes Bay Oyster Company: Not Dead YetThey have at least until March 15, unless their lawyers can convince a judge that the government used bad science to decide to close them down.
  20. Endangered
    Cold Weather Endangering California’s Mandarin CropSome San Joaquin farmers predict devastation for nearly a quarter of the crops.
  21. Beef
    Santa Monica Gets All Emotional About A Denny’sBlogger Alison Marino catches flack for calling the sale of a longstanding location “tragic.”
  22. Endangered
    Irv’s Burgers May Be Fighting For Its Life…AgainIn what may be yet another case of a greedy landlord or an overly-ambitious neighbor, the historic burger stand is being threatened with a raised rent.
  23. Taco Town
    Henry’s Tacos Given Two- More WeeksOwner Janis Hood will run her father’s 51-year-old taco stand until January 10.
  24. Celebrity Settings
    Hobbits and Hollywood Stars Rally to Save Henry’s TacosActors Elijah Wood, Aaron Paul, and George Lopez attempt to save the Studio City institution with an eat-in.
  25. Groceries
    As Quickly as They Came, Fresh & Easy Stores May Be on the Way OutThree S.F. locations just opened in the last year.
  26. Foodienomics
    Yoshi’s Financial Troubles Continue With Bankruptcy FilingThis is very predictable, given that loan payments were coming due on a $7M city loan.
  27. Kerfuffles
    Drakes Bay Oyster Company Endangered By Coastal Commission CrackdownAlso, their federal lease on their coastal waters expires November 30.
  28. Endangered
    24-Year-Old Glencrest Bar-B-Que Threatened With Closure on Abbot KinneyThe building sold for $2.2 million, and survival odds don’t “look good.”
  29. Endangered
    Eva Restaurant Needs $12,000 To Fight For Its RightsAfter the city denies its zoning variance, Alejandra Gold goes to the public for support.
  30. Endangered
    Chez Jay is Now Officially LegendaryThere’s now one more reason to drink at Chez Jay.
  31. Endangered
    Nightclub Lot 46 May Be Headed for ClosureSome new owners are moving in.
  32. Endangered
    Sam’s In North Beach Mysteriously Closed? [Updated]They’ve been inexplicably closed for a couple of weeks.
  33. Endangered
    Sam Wo Holds Fundraiser for RenovationsThey need to $100,000 to do the necessary work of bringing the building up to code.
  34. Endangered
    Campanile May Very Well Become Walter Manzke’s RepubliqueA deal to sell the business to Bill Chait could go through as early as December.
  35. Grocery Wars
    Albertson’s Cleaning Up On Aisles 1 Through 19The grocery giant is closing 19 stores in Southern California due to increased heat from big box and gourmet markets.
  36. Endangered
    Sazon Latin Fusion Threatens to Close After Four YearsOwner-chef Claudia Kikui worries this could be her dream project’s last month.
  37. Endangered
    Tosca Café Update: Owner Decided to Lower Her Own Rent, Gets ServedIt will, in all likelihood, remain Tosca, however.
  38. Endangered
    Tosca In Danger of Eviction?Well, probably not…
  39. Endangered
    Jin Patisserie Space For Lease on Abbot KinneyKristy Choo will seek another space for her macaron Mecca.
  40. Endangered
    Spuntino di Ottimista In Cow Hollow Closing?The owner of Barrique appears to be taking it over, perhaps for another wine bar.
  41. Endangered
    Tu Lan Closed After Repeated Vermin Issues, Other Health ViolationsThey may end up having their permit revoked completely this time.
  42. Endangered
    Midwest Drought Threatens Cali’s Cattle RanchersMeat prices for the state’s consumers could skyrocket by 15% in the months to come.
  43. Endangered
    Downtown’s Senor Fish Could Be Your’s For One-DollarOh, and millions of dollars in relocation fees.
  44. Movin’ on Up?
    Gold Dust Lounge to Close Wednesday Relocate to Fisherman’s WharfThe exact location will be announced shortly.
  45. Endangered
    Famed Feminist Strip Club The Lusty Lady Is Cash-StrappedThey’re hoping for a ‘financial angel,’ says Chuck Nevius.
  46. Endangered
    52-Year-Old Chez Jay Endangered By Palisades Garden WalkWill the classic dive bar’s rabid devotees get the last say over City Hall?
  47. Endangered
    Trigger Looks to Be Closing in the Castro; Lime May Be In Trouble TooThe bar empire of Greg Bronstein doesn’t look long for this world.
  48. Health Concerns
    Sam Wo Saved! [Updated]The owners are at the Department of Health as we type.
  49. Empire Building
    Four Corners Set to Close on Union, to Become New Restaurant-Bar FromThe working title is Lightning.
  50. Health Concerns
    Hold the Phone: Sam Wo Might Actually ReopenThe owners have a last-ditch hearing with the health department this week.
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