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  1. Foodievents
    Cuba Libre Crowdsourcing EmpanadasIt’s all a build up to National Empanada Day in April.
  2. Deals
    Winter Weather Advisory: Highs Are in the Empanadas, and Lows in the CheesesteakNo matter which way the weather goes, there’s something to look forward to.
  3. Barf
    More People-Stuffed Empanadas in BrazilThe cannibalism saga gets worse.
  4. Grisly
    Those Empanadas Are Made of PeopleA horrific cannibal crime in Brazil.
  5. FYI
    Cuba Libre Drops an Empanada BummerOnce again, we are a city that’s deficient in empanadas.
  6. Foodies With Benefits
    Cuba Libre Makes Way For Empanada AlleyThe makeshift bodega behind Cuba Libre will serve deep fat-fried pockets of deliciousness to late night crowds.
  7. Truckin’
    Delicias Puts Empanadas Back on the StreetThe new truck specializes in empanadas and arepas.
  8. Box Lunch
    Nuchas Empanadas Opens Tomorrow in Times SquareAnother of the four promised food kiosks debuts.
  9. Mediavore
    Praying for an Empanada Trend; Diet Coke is the New MartiniPlus: what the new healthcare bill means for restaurants, and Dubai bans all cooking alcohol, all in our morning news roundup.
  10. On the Blackboard
    Sazon Chef Offering AlcapurriasPuerto Rican empanadas made form plantains and picadillo are available in Culver City.
  11. The Food Chain
    Russell Moore Is Captivated by Il Buco’s Beef Empanadas“He sent out these empanadas in the middle of the meal, as if it was a pasta course or something.”
  12. Openings
    Cardinale Kitchen and Delaware’s Capriotti’s Debut Dueling DelisArgentine and Italian eats hit Hollywood while Beverly Hills gets a sandwich chain from another state.
  13. Truckin’
    Piaggio on Wheels and Taco Dawg Trucks Hit O.C.Gourmet hot dogs, tacos, and Argentine cuisine are offered at the latest mobile food vehicles.