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  1. mwah!
    The Chef’s Kiss in Emoji Form Will Soon Be a RealityPlus all the other new food emoji coming to a mobile device near you.
  2. texting and eating
    There Is Finally a Waffle Emoji!!!Move over, pancakes.
  3. redemption
    Apple Fixed Its Horrible Bagel EmojiSometimes, if you cause enough fuss, the corporate overlords listen.
  4. analysis
    Apple’s Bagel Emoji Is About to Upset a Lot of New YorkersThis bagel emoji should only be used to illustrate what kind of bagel you don’t want your friend to pick up on the way over.
  5. foodmojis
    Entire State of Maine Rejoices As Lobster Emoji Is Made OfficialIt was a hard-won battle.
  6. burgergate
    Google’s CEO Vows to Correct Company’s Glaring Burger-Emoji ErrorThey’ve promised to “drop everything” and move the cheese from the bottom.
  7. This Restaurant’s All-Emoji Menu Is Exactly As Unhelpful As You’d ThinkNobody wants lunch to be an exercise in cryptology.
  8. Emojis
    It’s Time for the Dumpling EmojiA group of concerned citizens is lobbying for it.
  9. Emojis
    The Taco Emoji Is HerePlus, popcorn, a cheese wedge, Champagne, and a hot dog.
  10. Good Signs
    This Awesome All-Emoji Cocktail Menu May Be Too Clever for Its Own GoodSomewhere in tiki heaven, Don the Beachcomber is laughing. Or maybe sexting a friend.
  11. Weird Diets
    Someone Went on an Emoji-Themed Diet for a WeekHope they like rice.