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Election Night

  1. election night
    So, What Are We Having For Dinner Tonight?Why the election makes meal planning impossible.
  2. election night
    Where to Watch the Election in NYC (and Get a Drink)Booze specials and big screens at Brooklyn Winery, Village Pourhouse, and Noorman’s Kil.
  3. Grub Guide
    Poll Parties: 24 Places to Eat and Drink While Watching Election Results TonightSo you can celebrate when the night goes your candidate’s way (or drown your sorrows if it doesn’t).
  4. Grub Guide
    Where To Take The Edge Off of The Election TodayDiscount sliders, free partisan drinks, and French dip deals arrive to swing all the undecided drinkers and diners.
  5. Specials
    Election Night: Wine at Avec, Red or Blue Cocktails at Tesori, Geja’s FondueElection night specials from popular spots.
  6. Booze News
    Cafe del Rey Puts Its Politics Into the GlassThe restaurant’s Election Night drinks make it pretty obvious who it’s rooting for.