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El Wingador

  1. Oops
    Wing-Eating Champ El Wingador’s Fall From GraceHe’s pleaded guilty to cocaine distribution.
  2. Competitive Eating
    Out-of-Towner Crowned Wing Bowl Champ; El Wingador Indicted on Drug ChargesThis year’s champion chowed down 287 wings to cinch the win.
  3. Competitive Eating
    Coke Bust Shuts El Wingador Out of Wing BowlThe annual binge, purge, and stripper-ogling extravaganza’s organizers fear El Wingador’s presence will only hurt its reputation.
  4. Crime Scenes
    El Wingador Busted For CokeThere’s no Buffalo wing eating contest where he’s going.
  5. Mediavore
    El Wingador Hangs It Up; Seattle Hippies Welcome Free ForagingPlus: North Korea is in need of food, again; and Beyonce spotted breastfeeding in New York, all in our morning news roundup.
  6. Mediavore
    El Wingador Goes Back Into Retirement; Most Fun Foods Are Bad For DigestionPlus: Puerto Rico plans to kill iguanas and export their meat; and friends that eat together put on the pounds together, all in our morning news roundup.