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El Quinto Pino

  1. The Absolute Best Tapas Bars in New YorkThe traditional dishes are small in size, numerous in number, and best enjoyed with a glass of wine, or three, at the bar.
  2. lists
    Here Are Our Editors’ Favorite Dishes of 2016It was tough to narrow down the list when there was so much good stuff to eat this year.
  3. The Grub Street Diet
    Chef Alex Raij Knows Where to Find the Best Pho“When I was pregnant with Maayan, I had pho every day for the first five months.”
  4. The Dish
    El Quinto Pino Is Serving a Frito-Pie-Inspired Take on Huevos EstrelladosAlex Raij recently began shoving fried eggs and bits of chorizo into bags of chips, and selling them to go.
  5. Holiday Dining
    Shop Like a Chef: Pros Share Their Favorite Food Stores Even the experts pay retail sometimes.
  6. Teamwork
    Chef Alex Raij’s Excellent-Looking New Salad Supports a Good CauseIt’s available at FeelFood.
  7. Grub Guides
    What You Need to Eat and Drink Before Summer Is Really OverIce cream, fried chicken, rosé, and burgers, of course.
  8. The Other Critics
    The Other Critics: Wells Raves About El Quinto Pino; Amelia Lester ReviewsThis week’s roundup.
  9. Grub Guides
    Crispy Bits: Where to Find Great Paella, Ranked by PriceGato, Toro, El Quinto Pino, and more.
  10. In Season
    In Season: Alex Raij’s Trinxat With Savoy CabbageTender, mildly sweet Savoy cabbages are hardy enough to withstand extreme, East River-freezing temperatures
  11. Menu Changes
    El Comedor at El Quinto Pino Launches Lunch Today, Brunch this WeekendYes, the uni panini and “El Doble” burger will be available, too.
  12. Summer Guide
    Slushies Get Their Moment in the SunHigh-end takes on a low-end favorite.
  13. What to Eat
    What to Eat at La Vara, Opening Later This Month in Cobble HillThe owners of Txikito and El Quinto Pino are expanding to Brooklyn.
  14. Temporary Closings
    Chelsea Favorite El Quinto Pino Is Closed by Health DepartmentThe culprit: Evidence of rats and improper plumbing.
  15. Battle of the Sexes
    Raij Against the MachineAlex Raij on female chefs.
  16. The Most Important Meal of the Day
    Get Breakfast at El Quinto PinoPreview the menu before service begins tomorrow.
  17. Temporary Closings
    Tía Pol Closes for RepairsThink twice before you go there for tapas tonight.
  18. Discounts
    More Incentive for a Chelsea Tapas CrawlEl Quinto Pino reopens, and 30 percent off at Tía Pol.
  19. Openings
    What to Eat at El Quinto PinoThe Chelsea tapas restaurant reopens with a new menu to complement its classics.
  20. In the Magazine
    Underground Gourmet Relaxes at Eat; Where to Buy Artisanal JerkyAlso in the magazine: Print opens, and Joaquin Baca makes Seven-Layer Dip.
  21. Chef Shuffle
    Raij Back at El Quinto PinoThe Txikito owner has worked out an agreement with her former partners at Tía Pol.
  22. Openings
    What to Eat at Le Bernardin Spinoff Ardesia, Now Serving Pork-Belly BitesA look at midtown’s latest wine bar.
  23. Openings
    What to Eat at TxikitoA look at the menu of Alex Raij’s Basque spot, which opened last night.
  24. Openings
    Alex Raij Will Open Txkito Near Her Former Tapas BarsThe former Tía Pol toque is opening a restaurant, the name of which you’ll definitely want to know how to pronounce.
  25. NewsFeed
    Report: Alex Raij Out at Tía Pol and El Quinto PinoAnother high-profile New York chef is separated from her restaurants.
  26. NewsFeed
    A Guided Tour of Pig Parts, Here in New Pork CityWhere to get the best parts of the pig, from snout to tail, according to ‘Time Out New York.’
  27. The New York Diet
    TV Hostess Kelly Choi Likes Her Sandwiches With Mayo and Mustard If you haven’t seen Kelly Choi sporting a trench coat on her show Secrets of New York, you’ve probably seen her donning skimpier attire as the host of New York Eats. She also just appeared as a judge on Iron Chef and will soon team with a liquor sponsor to publish The 25 Most Delicious Dishes in New York. What’s one of them? The moussaka at Pylos. “I’m crazy about Greek and Middle Eastern food,” Choi tells us. She doesn’t have the extravagant expense account you’d expect, and she isn’t often hungry for complimentary desserts — but still, the former Ford model managed to put away quite a bit this week.
  28. Spot Check
    Full Houses at Gottino and El Quinto Pino, Room to Spare at Bar BlancLast time we ran a Spot Check, we dropped in on several newly opened East Village restaurants between the hours of 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. to take head counts (though in the case of Cantina, there were no heads to be counted). This Saturday we threw some love to the West Side and repeated the procedure with six new establishments in the West Village and Chelsea.
  29. The Other Critics
    A Star Swap for Alto & L’Impero; No Amore for Richman at FiammaThe Times’ verdict is in on Alto and L’Impero, and it’s the expected three and two stars, respectively. Lost in the Alto upgrade is the hard fact that L’Impero now enters the dreaded two-star limbo into which Frank Bruni puts any place neither transcendent nor mediocre. Personally, we would have had it at four and three. [NYT] Alan Richman admires the new Fiamma (former home to Mike White) in a cool and distant way, finding the food busy and not at all Italian, although not exactly lousy by any means. No one will read this review and want to spend money to eat at Fiamma. [Bloomberg] On the other hand, Restaurant Girl’s three-star review reads like a perfume ad, it’s so loving: “Like an artist, he paints deeply flavored ragu onto a pappardelle canvas, finished with tender ribbons of venison.” Ew! But Steve Hanson must be happy. [NYDN]
  30. The Underground Gourmet
    The Cutest Sea-Urchin-Egg Sandwich Ever at El Quinto Pino There is no end to what you can shove between two slices of bread and call a sandwich, and that, of course, is the beauty of the thing. But is everything edible suitable sandwich material? That was the point brought up for debate the other night at El Quinto Pino, the new taperia from the Tía Pol folks, where the UG tucked into a ficelle smeared with rich blobs of sea-urchin roe. Oddly, the sandwich in question was listed on the otherwise all-Spanish chalkboard menu as an “uni panini.” It came swaddled in a wax-paper jacket like a Danny Meyer Shackburger, still warm from a gentle turn in the sandwich press and smeared with butter flavored with a zingy Korean mustard oil. And although it was only about the size of a Tootsie Roll and the UG could have finished it off in a bite and a half, it was the kind of toothsome tidbit you want to savor slowly.