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El Faro

  1. Closings
    El Faro Closed ‘Indefinitely’ After Health Department Shutdown“People have their packages delivered to us. It’s like an extension of their house.”
  2. Previews
    El Faro Expands to the Upper Haight, Takes Former El Balazo SpotThis will be El Faro’s fourth outpost.
  3. Historical Cookery
    San Francisco Introduced America to the BurritoThe proprietor of El Faro at 20th and Folsom is credited with creating the super burrito, and introducing the world to the Mission-style burrito.
  4. Nostalgia
    How Different Did Manhattan’s Menus Look 30 Years Ago?We crack a 1975 book, ‘Manhattan Menus,’ and take a trip back in time.
  5. NewsFeed
    El Cid Closes As Other Spanish Joints OpenThe twenty-year-old neighborhood standby closed this weekend.
  6. Ask a Waiter
    You Won’t Catch El Faro’s Miguel Hernandez Smelling Like Garlic After WorkMiguel Hernandez has been a fixture at El Faro since before he could legally drink (his uncle Jose was a bartender there for twenty years, and Hernandez would visit regularly from his native Spain). Five years ago, when he finally moved to New York, Hernandez took a job as a server. Now he splits his time between working the floor and serving margaritas and sangrias from behind his uncle’s old bar. He’s studying for a career in hospitality management; we thought we’d ask him what it’s like working in one of the city’s most timeless (and fragrant) restaurants before he graduates.
  7. The New York Diet
    Novelist Gary Shteyngart Scarfs Lox, Philosophizes Over Spinach Absurdistan author and Lower East Side denizen Gary Shteyngart is 40 pages into a new novel about “a guy who eats really well and wants to live forever.” We’re thinking it’s a bit autobiographical, given what he ate during the days between Friday, September 22 and Wednesday the 27th.