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El Bulli Menu

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    Next El Bulli Auction Raises Over $200,000 … So FarNext’s auction for seats another successful innovation.
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    Thousands Try To Spend Thousands To Snap Up Next Season TicketsNext’s 2012 season ticket offering drew thousands of would-be customers.
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    Slideshow: In the Kitchen on Opening Night, Next El Bulli MenuGo behind the scenes of opening night for the latest menu at Next.
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    Hot Openings Dept.: Watch Next El Bulli’s Teaser VideoNext’s first El Bulli teaser video
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    How Next Ticketing Will Work in 2012 (It’s Complicated)Next goes to new ticketing system for season tickets.
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    How Crazy Will Next El Bulli Menu Mania Get? This CrazyNext gives away El Bulli movie tickets, still gets mobbed.
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    Next Starts Teasing Us Again on TwitterNext teases El Bulli menu and Thai iBook.