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Eight Mile Creek

  1. What to Eat
    Lawmakers Didn’t Know Jack About KangaroosMore details on the return of kangaroo to the city’s menus.
  2. What Not to Eat
    Sorry, You Absolutely Cannot Eat These Animals in New York StateKangaroo may be back on menus, but a certain species is banned, along with several other animals.
  3. What to Eat
    Eight Mile Creek Puts Kangaroo Back on the MenuThe Aussie restaurant has apparently won the right to serve kangaroo meat.
  4. Menu Changes
    Public, Too, Was Dragged to Kangaroo CourtLike Eight Mile Creek, Public was forced to take kangy off its menu. By the EPA, it seems.
  5. Menu Changes
    Eight Mile Creek Fights for the Right to Serve KangarooThe restaurant’s trademark kanga skewers are off the menu owing to a legal issue.
  6. Fire Damage
    Eight Mile Creek Lends a Hand to Neighbor Lovely DayThe Beatrice Inn’s D.J. will man the decks at a party to get the fire-shuttered restaurant back on its feet.