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Egg Creams

  1. Stadium Concessions
    You Can Finally Get an Egg Cream at Yankee StadiumLinda’s Brooklyn Style Egg Creams will offer fans the treat for the first time.
  2. Hinsch’s Unplugged
    Hinsch’s in Bay Ridge Loses Iconic Neon SignageThe old marquee was damaged during cleaning.
  3. Name Changes
    Hinsch in Bay Ridge Now Called ‘Mike’s Hinsch’Changes at the Bay Ridge luncheonette.
  4. Never Mind
    Hinsch’s in Bay Ridge Will Remain Open, Expand HoursThe luncheonette, which was always cool, will try to be cooler.
  5. Closings
    Hinsch’s in Bay Ridge Is Really, Truly Closing in MarchBay Ridge will have no more egg creams.
  6. Autumn In New York
    Daniel Humm and Will Guidara Will Flip the EMP Script This FallExpect a whole new Eleven Madison Park after Labor Day.
  7. Closings
    Bay Ridge Egg Cream Mecca Hinsch’s ClosesHinsch’s Confectionery was 63 years old.
  8. What to Eat
    Egg-Creamy Weekend: Brooklyn Farmacy’s Cart, Shake Shack’s SpecialPlus, the Shake Shack debuts a hot dog beefed up by Katz’s pastrami.
  9. Mediavore
    Red Hook Vendors on the Run Again; Bourdain on ‘Top Chef’With the Parks Department temporarily off their back, the Red Hook food vendors now have a new enemy: the ever-mischievous Department of Health. [Serious Eats] Related: The Threat to Red Hook’s Street-Food Paradise Unites New York Foodies Anthony Bourdain doesn’t have any sympathy for last night’s Top Chef loser, Sara: “I’ve worked with women cooks who could crank out a hundred fifty meals off a very busy grill station in freakin’ stilettos and still have the energy to give Howie the beating of his life — so that don’t cut it as an excuse.” Bonus: Bourdain on Rocco’s career arc. [Bravo] Related: Joey, Latest ‘Top Chef’ Non-Winner, on Why Rocco Is a Douche Bag The hidden food treasures of the Bronx range from an ancient candy store where you can get a classic egg cream to a Chino-Latino place with great shrimp mofungo. [NYP]
  10. Mediavore
    Bourdain Lays Into ‘Top Chef’ Hung; Restaurant to Open in Back ofAnthony Bourdain jumps on Top Chef’s Hung even harder than he laid into Marcel last season: “‘Flavor’ counts for very little in a competition for ‘Top Chef.’” [Amuse Biatch] Related: ‘Top Chef’ Biases Finally Out on the Table ‘Top Chef’ Non-Winner Lia on What Went Wrong Kanye West is a soul-food connoisseur, when he’s not eating out in haute Asian eateries like Spice Market and Philippe. [WSJ] An unrelated restaurant will open Thursday in the back room of Setagaya and will feature Thai, Japanese, and Malaysian food. [Eat for Victory/VV] Related: New East Village Ramen Spot Insists It’s More Authentic Than Momofuku