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  1. edibles
    A Californian Is Making Pot-Infused Farm-to-Table Olive OilPot d’Huile combines the “spirit” of West Coast locavores with the “needs” of cannabis users.
  2. high church
    74-Year-Old Arrested for Giving His Church Congregation Pot CookiesSix people were hospitalized after experiencing the “adverse effects.”
  3. half baked
    All of Colorado’s Pot Candy Will Carry This Warning SymbolLawmakers want to make sure people “genuinely know the difference” between a Hershey’s and Kushie Kandy.
  4. Edibles
    Marijuana Nutella Is a Real ThingBaking reaches its pinnacle with Chrontella.
  5. Recipe Clash
    Here’s How Mario Batali Makes Pot BrowniesBut some experts say he’s doing it all wrong.
  6. Edibles
    James Beard Award–Winning Pastry Chef Embraces MarijuanaChicago-based Mindy Segal has created a line of edibles.
  7. Edibles
    Weed-Infused K-Cups Take Washington by StormWake, push a button, and bake.
  8. Scary Stuff
    Colorado Parents Freak Out Over the Idea of Pot-Laced Halloween CandyLocal advocacy groups are worried that people might hand kids Buddafingers instead of Butterfingers.
  9. Weed Whacking
    Washington State Will Inspect All Marijuana-Edibles Packaging to Weed OutNew rules also require labels to list the amount of marijuana per serving.
  10. Lawsuits
    Here’s the Knockoff Pot Candy at the Center of a Hershey’s LawsuitAre Ganja Joy bars tricking customers?
  11. Arrests
    Pot Brownies Could Land Texas Teen in Prison for LifeHe baked hash oil into them, so police weighed the whole batch.