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Ed “jean Luc” Kleefield

  1. Meanwhile in the Hamptons
    Laurent Tourondel Looks to the HamptonsThe BLT man may take over the former Grappa space.
  2. Mediavore
    Luxury Wine Market Plummets; Whitney Aycock in at CounterPlus: butchers as sex symbols, and Joe Jr. up for rent, all in our morning news roundup.
  3. Meanwhile in the Hamptons
    Tax Troubles: Ed ‘Jean Luc’ Kleefield’s Madam Tong’s IsThe embattled Hamptons restaurateur faces another hurdle.
  4. Beef
    Embattled Hamptons Restaurateur Ed ‘Jean Luc’ Kleefield PlotsThe owner of Madame Tong’s, who has turned himself in to face charges of writing bad checks, wants to open a downtown bistro.