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  1. Cheeto Shaped Like Harambe Sells for Low, Low Price of $99,900 on eBaySeriously.
  2. This Year, Olive Garden Will Auction Off Its Own Damn Endless-Pasta PassesThe chain was not pleased when users resold them at a huge markup.
  3. The Chain Gang
    Someone Paid $96,000 for a Bottle of McDonald’s Special SauceThe only bottle available to the public in the U.K., or something.
  4. Crazes
    The Black Market Is Booming for Walmart’s Patti LaBelle PiesLucky eBay users are selling the massively popular pies with an 1,000 percent markup.
  5. Recalls
    There’s a Black Market for Recalled Blue Bell Ice CreamContraband pints are priced at thousands of dollars.
  6. Golden Egg
    Someone Paid $700 on eBay for a Perfectly Round EggIt wasn’t even Fabergé!
  7. Tips
    Bidding Is Up to $100K on eBay for NFL Player’s 20-Cent Tip ReceiptSix figures for a glorified autograph.
  8. Cupcakery
    ‘Last’ Crumbs Cupcake Is on eBay for a Mere $250You have less than a day.
  9. Buy It Now
    Food Truck With Worst Name Ever Goes Up on eBay for $80,000Just be ready for a website blocked by every workplace internet filter.
  10. Paula Deen
    Unending Fallout From Paula Deen Scandal May at Least Help Some Old ElephantsOnline auction sites are filling up with random Paula Deen merchandise.
  11. History
    Own a Great Big Jug of History: McJordan Barbecue SauceA jug of McJordan BBQ sauce is for sale! Hurry!
  12. Condiments
    The Last Remaining Jug of McDonald’s McJordan Sauce Has Been SoldThere are just too many people who’d buy a $10,000 bottle of sauce to even speculate who nabbed this one.
  13. Bouley
    Slightly Stained Chairs From Bouley Available on eBay$380 a pop.
  14. Freebies
    What Ilan Hall Will Feed You For Free This WeekThe Top Chef winner will appear for three evenings with free food.
  15. Crime Scenes
    Toby Young, the $1,093 Man, Gets Into Bike Bang-upThe person who paid $1,093 to dine with Toby Young isn’t going to have the prettiest date.
  16. Closings
    Pelaccio’s Chop Suey Closes, Tries the Waters on eBayThe space will reopen as a New American restaurant, and if you have at least $150,000, is available for your New Year’s Eve.