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  1. Eatiquette
    Can Bob Marley Guilt You Into Tipping More?A new study says so.
  2. Eatiquette
    Should Bartenders Be Just As Fast As Servers?Bartenders who have to serve food have a lot of duties to juggle, and a lot of people, including servers, to keep happy.
  3. Eatiquette
    Two Things Bartenders Will Hate You ForPlus, Frank Bruni launches a biweekly drinking column.
  4. Eatiquette
    What Do Waiters Hate Most?A critic is accused of being too stone-faced with servers, who only want to please him.
  5. Eatiquette
    More Boo-Hooing About Kids in RestaurantsSome parents take their kids to haute cuisine spots while others ask pizza parlors to dumb it down.
  6. Eatiquette
    Customers, Do Not Cross the LineA former waitress’s advice to the writer who got booted out of Restaurant Marc Forgione.
  7. Eatiquette
    More Kvetching About TippingIs “the Great Roundup” really the most tasteful term for short-changing?
  8. Eatiquette
    Tipping Costs You $3,330 Per YearPlus, mandatory tips at the Ace Hotel.
  9. Eatiquette
    The Undercover Muslim WaitressYou overhear a lot of bunk as a waitress.
  10. Eatiquette
    High Chair Meets White TableclothShould you take your kids to high-end restaurants?
  11. Eatiquette
    Today in Customer KvetchingFood writers speak out against 20 percent tipping and bad restaurant experiences.
  12. Eatiquette
    Resy Scalpers Ruin Valentine’s DayFor restaurant owners, that is.
  13. User’s Guide
    How to Start a News Item About a Restaurant Employee Caught Dealing CocaineSeven memorable openers about drug busts at local restaurants.
  14. Eatiquette
    How to Stay Far From the Maddening Crowds at Noisy RestaurantsAvoid getting trapped in a restaurant where you can’t hear yourself eat.
  15. Eatiquette
    Bauer Weighs in on Waiters Who Don’t Write Things DownOur stalwart critic is getting especially Dear Abby-ish lately on his blog.
  16. Eatiquette
    Do Cell Phones Belong on Dinner Tables?The older folk especially have had it with over-communicative diners.
  17. Eatiquette
    Do Cell Phones Belong on Dinner Tables?The debate rages on.
  18. Mediavore
    How to Tip on BYO Wine; The Dangers of Eating Bear
  19. Mediavore
    Jack London Square Worries; Coke Offends Online
  20. Eatiquette
    The Post-Tax Tipping ConundrumChicagoist makes the case for the post-tax, post-drinks tip calculation.
  21. Eatiquette
    Steve Cuozzo Will Hold His Breath Until White Tablecloths Come BackThe ‘Post’ critic rants against the “casualization” of fine-dining restaurants.
  22. Service Issues
    Waiters Tell You 30 Things Waiters Will Never Tell YouDo you really want to know what’s happening in the back of the house?
  23. Beef
    100 Things Rookie Restaurateurs Should Never Blog AboutServers aren’t the only ones who are up in arms about that list of “100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do.”
  24. Tips
    Non-Tippers Won’t Be Prosecuted in Court of Law; Everyone Will Be Prosecuted inThe legal battle may be dead in its tracks, but the internet war on the mandatory tip refusers wages on
  25. Tips
    Are the College Students Who Refused to Pay Mandatory Tip Right or Wrong?Is that mandatory tip actually mandatory?
  26. Mediavore
    Bauer Gets New Pet Peeves; Move Popcorn Surprisingly Fattening
  27. Eatiquette
    Keep in Mind, Chefs Don’t Always Respond Well to CriticismWhat’s the proper way to complain at a restaurant?
  28. Eatiquette
    Dirty Restaurant TricksFish bits masquerading as shrimp and more.
  29. Eatiquette
    How to Dine Solo and Like ItThe key is sitting at the bar and talking a lot.
  30. Eatiquette
    Have You Ever Wanted to Tell Your Server That ‘Hovering Is forNow you can!
  31. Beef
    Food Bloggers Outsmart Kenny Shopsin in Sandwich SkirmishCan a reporter order a Jewboy and a Jihadboy from the angriest man in the business?
  32. Eatiquette
    ‘No Problem,’ ‘Working on That,’ and Other ThingsThe latest installment in a restaurateur’s list of service no-no’s.
  33. Eatiquette
    Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never DoNo, we DON’T want to hear about the specials.
  34. User’s Guide
    Why Do Waiters Go AWOL?The five top reasons.
  35. Eatiquette
    Good or Bad?: Having the Check Ready When Asking About DessertIs it an act of rudeness or the height of efficiency?
  36. Eatiquette
    Are Cafés Cracking Down on Laptop Users?In which coffee shops should you avoid busting out a laptop?
  37. Eating 101
    How to Be a RegularThe most pleasurable way to dine is as a Regular — but how do you earn the house’s undying love and affection?
  38. Eatiquette
    Don’t Annoy the Dumpling ManThe rules of eating street meat.
  39. Eatiquette
    Just How Exclusive Are Monkey Bar and Minetta Tavern Trying to Be?On the matter of their confusing entry policies.
  40. Eatiquette
    Bar-Tipping Tip: Bribe Early and Often?Should you tip big on the first drink for better service?
  41. Eatiquette
    Tipping Debate: A Dollar a Drink?What do you give your bartender?
  42. Eatiquette
    Keep It CleanA couple of reasons to mind the rules of restaurant hygiene.
  43. Eatiquette
    Does the Maître d’ Have a Right to Scold You If You Park at a Hot NewA reader is fuming about the treatment she received from the Minetta Tavern’s maître d’.
  44. Oenofile
    Eric Asimov to Waiters: Stop Pouring My Wine!Not too fast, not too slow, please.
  45. Eatiquette
    Oh, the Guilt-Inducing Countertop Tip JarWhat are the rules for tipping in a takeout situation?
  46. Eatiquette
    Tipping Debate Continues, From Customer-Service PerspectiveConsumerist readers advocate the no-tipping position.
  47. Eatiquette
    Bruni Readers to New York: Take It From Tourists, End TippingWhat should restaurants do when tourists don’t leave tips?
  48. Eatiquette
    Should You Tell Your Server If Your Meal Sucks?“Actually, it wasn’t that great.”
  49. Eatiquette
    PDT Is Totally Cool With Your SobrietyEarlier today we posted a letter from a reader who claimed that a bartender at PDT banished her to Crif Dogs when she and her date dared to order non-alcoholic drinks with their dinner. But put down those “We’re Here, We’re Sober, Get Used To It” protest posters — a bar manager at PDT wants to clarify their policy on the matter.
  50. Eatiquette
    PDT = Please Don’t Teetotal? A formerly hard-partying friend of Grub Street tells us that her new state of sobriety wasn’t exactly greeted with Christian compassion at PDT. When we called the cocktail lounge as civilians to find out whether we’d have problems drinking Cokes there, the hostess hesitantly told us “I don’t think so,” but our bone-dry friend has a different tale to tell, after the jump.
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